Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms YouTube Video
Yes, he mentions the arts.
Changing Education Paradigms

Dan Thurmon

I’m feeling recovered from the Cultural Trust deadline.  Of course, I’m still catching up on projects I abandoned to focus on our first online application.

This week I attended the Montana Digital Summit as part of my duties as IT staff.  It was a great conference.  Linda McCulloch did a great introduction…. she really is funny and I love that at a conference like this…. someone who has a true sense of humor.

The keynote was Dan Thurmond.

He was great and I signed up for his email blasts the next day.

Below is today’s email.  If you have a minute and are able to access YouTube….. check it out. 

At last, the video from the Muddy Buddy off-road race (which I did with my friend Bobby Coggins on mountain unicycles) is up on YouTube! If you have two minutes today, check it out. You’ll love it!

The Muddy Buddy Ride and Run is a 10k (6.2 Mile) race that takes place in more than a dozen cities across the US. The money raised through registration, sponsorship, and donations helps disabled athletes acquire prosthetic limbs and specialty equipment to pursue their sports, helping them to stay active and pursue their passions. Talk about Off Balance On Purpose!

For me, this was a perfect opportunity to strengthen many of my vital lifelines – the connections between the most important spheres of life. In this case: Health, Relationships (Bobby is friend since High School, my wife Sheilia did the editing for the video, and the music for the video was composed by my dear friend, Philip Solomon), Personal Interests, and Spiritual satisfaction for supporting such a worthy cause.

Again, here’s the link:

And if you have a high speed connection, watch it full screen at 1080p (or at least 720- the selector is at the bottom right of your screen).

Enjoy, and I look forward to your thoughts. I’ll be sending your regularly scheduled “Action Mail Newsletter” next week. Have a great weekend


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Dan Thurmon

Social Revolution

Edited to add…. check the comments….. some good resources there.

Here’s a good one.

Social Media Revolution

(It is on YouTube so if you are a state employee you might be blocked)

Check out some of those stats.

What do you think? How do you rank?

As an agency we are looking into flip video recording, streaming media, YouTube, podcasts & a few other social media concepts. Our grantees are all over the charts but many have really embraced facebook as a way to keep their fans informed.

I’m Generation X so I’m a little behind with a lot of social media. I still really like email.

I do use facebook & blogger & flickr. I have a twitter account but I haven’t used it much.

I confess to not having a text package on my cell phone which makes me a social outcast in some groups.

I have movies (including some Pixar shorts & Ferdinand the Bull cartoons), podcasts & lots of music on my ipod.

My son (he is 5) has an mp3 player and has already mastered the basics of the computer keyboard.

My daughter (she is 3) has an mp3 player she listens to every night and she knows how to speed-dial her dad with my cell phone.

My baby daughter (she is 4 months) knows how to chew her fingers…. she isn’t much into social networking beyond posing for facebook photos yet.

What about you? Seen any really innovative use of social media lately???

Social Revolution

Serenade/The Proposition

Take a 3-Minute Vacation Right Now…A Dance to Commemorate Abraham Lincoln

Blue Avacado

This year the country is celebrating the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.Take a 3-minute vacation by watching this snippet of Serenade/The Proposition, a commemorative dance by the New York City-based nonprofit Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (it starts a little slow but hang in there). Founder and artistic director Bill T. Jones choreographed the piece, the company says, by using Lincoln’s own words and those of his contemporaries to honor the slain president’s legacy with “a rumination on the nature of history.”

Serenade/The Proposition