Npustin’s KwKwusm Theatre Project 3rd Annual Native American Playwriting Festival

For Immediate Release: July 8th, 2013 
Media Contact: Zan Agzigian, KwKwusm Theater Project PR, 509-624-4502  
Npustin’s KwKwusm Theatre Project 
3rd Annual Native American Playwriting Festival 
“Old Stories, New Voices”  
The 3rd Annual KwKwusm Theatre Project’s Native American Playwriting Festival is back, and it’s not just for a week! This year, the Project is honored and excited to have William S. YellowRobe, Jr., extraordinary playwright and educator, as its Artistic Director. It is also honored to welcome back Linda Grinde, KwKwusm Theatre Project’s Director, who will lend her many years of directing, acting and theatre planning expertise to the Project’s workshops and readings.
A lot of great projects and creative development work will take place during the week of July 29-August 2, gearing up for the festival readings during the week of August 5-9th. 
Details and schedules for workshops and readings can be found in the attached release, as well, can be found at: 
KwKwusm Theatre Project’s goal is unique from other Native American playwriting festivals, commercial and academic, in that plays and performances are developed directly on the Flathead reservation to strengthen theatrical expression to benefit not only the playwright but also the community. The Project blends both the cultural traditions of the indigenous Nations with American theater to create and maintain American Indian expression by cultivating a strong and clear voice to the heart, and to share this sincerity in support of the American Indian voice in theater of the Americas.
We appreciate you, our media partners, spreading the word about our Project, as we want to pack the house, and get some good coverage to educate people about what we are doing.
Bios for all participants available upon request from Zan. Interviews with staff, playwrights, and info about the KwKwusm Theater Project, contact: Zan Agzigian, KwKwusm Theater Project PR at 509-624-4502, or 509-263-7155 (cell) 
Also, reporters and media are allowed to observe any workshop or rehearsal. Just contact Zan and let her know you are coming and we will be ready for you.
Npustin’s KwKwusm Theatre Project 3rd Annual Native American Playwriting Festival