SNAG’s Professional Development Seminar

Pricing remains one of the most thorny aspects for any artist or crafts person.

SNAG’s recent Professional Development Seminar spent over two hours discussing just this issue to a standing-room only crowd of 350 people.  If you are seeking a pricing strategy, listen to the SlideShare presentation with audio from our four speakers’ presentations titled, “Not Just Another Pricing Presentation: A Dialog About Pricing Your Work.” Then listen to the 55 minute Q & A with our speakers and the audience. The discussion was lively and informative.  Over 1,200 artists have listened to these online presentations so far.

Find all of this information free on SNAG’s website at:

In addition, the blog “ASK Harriete” continued a series of posts about pricing, which added further clarification on pricing issues discussed during the podcast, such as how one factors in overhead.  All the posts about pricing are found at:

If you have any questions about the Seminar or blog, please contact Harriete Estel Berman, at, or Dana Singer,

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Dana Singer
SNAG Executive Director

SNAG’s Professional Development Seminar