Sax 5th Avenue

First up (at 8:30 AM) was Sax 5th Avenue.  First of all… musicians… at 8:30 am.  You have to feel bad for them, right?

I confess we had already heard Rob on Thursday night so I thought I knew what was going on….  but the “Sax 5th Avenue” part of Saxophobia is 3 more players and a whole lotta style.

Super-fun stuff.  From their website:

““Saxophobia”, a who’s who of sax gone wild, offers your audience a glimpse at some of the most unusual saxophones ever manufactured and pays tribute to a handful of legendary jazz artists who contributed to the development of jazz and the popularity of the sax.   See a tiny curved sopranino, (smallest sax in the world), a six and one half foot tall contrabass (largest) and virtually everything in between including a straight tenor, C Melody, Grafton plastic alto, Conn-O-Sax, slide saxophone, bass sax, and an original 1880 Adolphe Sax made by the inventor himself.  Presented as a solo act or in a jazz format with piano, bass and drums, the show explores over a half century of classic jazz melodies associated with this warmly embraced and versatile musical instrument.  Who could forget Boot’s Randolph honking out “Yakety Sax”, the wispy tones of Plas Johnson playing the “Pink Panther Theme”, Charlie Parker carving out innovative bebop melodies such as “Scrapple From The Apple”, or the warm, breathy tone of Stan Getz’s classic “The Girl From Ipanema”.  Add a bit of Dexter Gordon, Johnny Hodges, Jimmy Dorsey, Paul Desmond, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane and others and you’ve got an entertaining and historical performance which tells you everything you wanted to know about sax but were afraid to ask!

My small-set of would-be critics had only one complaint…. “Hey mama, where’s the BIG one??”  I had seen it on Thursday night and it is truly impressive.  I wish they could have seen the soprano sax and heard the “Under the Sea” performance from Thursday night as well.  They would have loved it.

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Sax 5th Avenue