Oktoberfish at Stumptown Art Studio

See below for some of the clever and funny things our grantees think of….
Hi Kristin….just for your viewing entertainment, I am attaching a link to a video of our recent fundraiser, “Oktoberfish”.  What a fantastic time we had, with about 150 guests and a perfect fall evening.  Feel free to use any of the pictures in your publications.  
Melanie Drown
145 Central Avenue
Whitefish, Montana 59937
tel: 406.862.5929
501(c)3 non-profit organization: est. 1995
Here is the you tube link from Oktoberfish – 
Oktoberfish at Stumptown Art Studio

Social Media Thoughts

Gathering tips from some of our arts organizations about social media.  Below are some thoughts from Alan Satterlee at the Glacier Symphony.
I am honored that you would reach out to us for input.  In my view, the GSC has just a moderate level of experience and use with social and interactive media strategies.  They consist of:
1.  Collecting (and paying for……) high quality imagery (recordings, photography, and video).  Branching out and getting aerial imagery of outdoor events, etc. has also been effective.  This is a critical first step, as utilization of social and interactive media means people are looking at you digitally and expect high quality images…..
2.  Start with the basics and build off that.  Simple Facebook Page with photo albums and consistent, relevant postings that engage your audience.
3.  When possible link other social media to one outlet to save valuable resources (ie we have our twitter account linked to facebook so whenever we post something on facebook, it tweets to our twitter followers).
4. Don’t believe the statistics…………..analyze them then evaluate how to use social media……we have nearly 500 followers on facebook, but when you look at insights, less than 200 of them are active monthly users……..
5.  We have feedback from users that OCCASIONAL and RELEVANT “eblasts” are the best form of communication (and great for us as they cost us nearly nothing).
6.  Post photos, press releases, videos, and any other interactive media you can on your website or Facebook page.  Do everything possible to drive traffic to those sites.  
7.  If purchasing advertising on social media sites, make sure there are tangible ways to measure the results…..this is easier to do than with traditional print advertising, etc. because you can track clicks, etc. 
That is just a few thoughts from the top of my brain…….hope that helps.
Social Media Thoughts