Arts and Rural America

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Minnesota farm country’s newest crop: the arts

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When Farmers Rap, Magic Happens [VIDEO] 

Arts and Rural America

Recreating Education for our Children

Of course I’m going to post this…..  I have a degree in biology AND I’m a forever farm kid…..
Notes from a conference on art of science learning
Susan Sclafani, “Recreating Education for our Children.”

In questions and comments, when asked to say more about how this vision for the arts in education can be implemented, Scalfani said that this required a very complex answer, providing which was one of the functions of the conference. However, she would say overall that there needed to be more of an emphasis on the more dynamic activities associated with the arts. There was, she said, too much “reading the book and answering the questions” and too little active exploration in schools.

A participant seconded this by remarking that in her experience it was the “farm kids” who get science more easily as they have more time playing outside and experimenting in the real world.

Recreating Education for our Children

Join the Celebration at the 25th Anniversary of the Alberta Bair Theater

January 14, 2012 marks the 25th Anniversary of the
Alberta Bair Theater in Billings, and Montana’s largest performing arts center heats up the night with a black tie celebration featuring Marvin Hamlisch and the Billing’s Symphony Orchestra. Hamlisch is one of only two people to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award, as well as a Pulitzer Prize and a GoldenGlobe. He has written more than 700 songs including music for plays, television and movies. . .

. . .“It’s so exciting to bring an artist of Marvin’s caliber,
experience and international acclaim to perform for our audience in Billings.
Here is a man who has performed everywhere in the world and he is going to be here for our 25th Anniversary!”says ABT Executive Director, William Wood.“The fact that Mr. Hamlisch is coming to Billings is a testament to the past 25 years of performing arts excellence presented at the ABT.”

To learn more about the celebration, tickets and the Alberta Bair Theater >>
Join the Celebration at the 25th Anniversary of the Alberta Bair Theater

Class C: The Only Game in Town

You know this one is near and dear to my heart….

Class C: The Only Game in Town
receives 6
Northwest Chapter 2009 Emmy nominations
Nominations: Musical Composition/Arrangement (Philip Aaberg)
Documentary – Cultural/Historical Director (Justin Lubke/Shasta Grenier)Editor (Justin Lubke/Shasta Grenier)Photographer (Justin Lubke)
Promotion – Program – Single Spot

As their tiny hometowns fight to stay on the map, girls from across rural Montana compete for the state basketball title and a chance to bring home something worth celebrating. Montana native and basketball legend Phil Jackson brings insight and humor to the disappearing landscapes of his youth in a story that will change the way you see rural America. Original soundtrack by Philip Aaberg.
Class C DVD: $20.00S & H: $3.

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Sweetgrass Music/Philip AabergPO Box 625 Chester, Montana 59522
406.759.5347 888.329.4338

Class C: The Only Game in Town