2014 Artist in Business Leadership Call for Applications

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First Peoples Fund
2014 Artist in Business Leadership
Call for Applications
September 1, 2013 Deadline!
The 2014 Artist in Business Leadership Program
is an independent business arts fellowship program that features a working capital grant of $5,000 to be used to support a one year marketing plan/strategy or business goal as defined by the artist applicant. Artists will receive technical assistance, a professional network of peers, as well as travel funds to participate in FPF’s individualized professional development workshops. The fellowship also provides a focus on new works to stimulate creativity and a renewal of energy in Native art expression.
Eligibility Requirements: NEW!
  • Artist applicants must be in mid career (5+ years) in their experience in marketing their art at Indian art markets, galleries, and have wholesale experience 
  • Artists will have chosen art as a means to obtain economic self-sufficiency for their family and to establish themselves as independent, credible artists with viable community based businesses,
  • Be a member of a Northern Great Plains tribe located in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Western Dakota of Minnesota, Nebraska, the Eastern Plateau region of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, a tribe from the Great Lakes Region of Minnesota, Michigan, or Wisconsin, a tribe belonging to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard states, Oklahoma, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native. Affiliated Canadian First Nations artist applicants are eligible.
  • Must demonstrate a strong vision and articulated plan for implementing effective market strategies over the one-year fellowship period and will effectively use this opportunity to explore New Works and demonstrate marketing initiative effectively.
Grant amount: $5,000
Application deadline: September 1, 2013 (postmark deadline)
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2014 Artist in Business Leadership Call for Applications

Npustin’s KwKwusm Theatre Project 3rd Annual Native American Playwriting Festival

For Immediate Release: July 8th, 2013 
Media Contact: Zan Agzigian, KwKwusm Theater Project PR, 509-624-4502  
Npustin’s KwKwusm Theatre Project 
3rd Annual Native American Playwriting Festival 
“Old Stories, New Voices”  
The 3rd Annual KwKwusm Theatre Project’s Native American Playwriting Festival is back, and it’s not just for a week! This year, the Project is honored and excited to have William S. YellowRobe, Jr., extraordinary playwright and educator, as its Artistic Director. It is also honored to welcome back Linda Grinde, KwKwusm Theatre Project’s Director, who will lend her many years of directing, acting and theatre planning expertise to the Project’s workshops and readings.
A lot of great projects and creative development work will take place during the week of July 29-August 2, gearing up for the festival readings during the week of August 5-9th. 
Details and schedules for workshops and readings can be found in the attached release, as well, can be found at: www.npustin.org 
KwKwusm Theatre Project’s goal is unique from other Native American playwriting festivals, commercial and academic, in that plays and performances are developed directly on the Flathead reservation to strengthen theatrical expression to benefit not only the playwright but also the community. The Project blends both the cultural traditions of the indigenous Nations with American theater to create and maintain American Indian expression by cultivating a strong and clear voice to the heart, and to share this sincerity in support of the American Indian voice in theater of the Americas.
We appreciate you, our media partners, spreading the word about our Project, as we want to pack the house, and get some good coverage to educate people about what we are doing.
Bios for all participants available upon request from Zan. Interviews with staff, playwrights, and info about the KwKwusm Theater Project, contact: Zan Agzigian, KwKwusm Theater Project PR at 509-624-4502, or 509-263-7155 (cell) sen_sen_323@q.com 
Also, reporters and media are allowed to observe any workshop or rehearsal. Just contact Zan and let her know you are coming and we will be ready for you.
Npustin’s KwKwusm Theatre Project 3rd Annual Native American Playwriting Festival

"The Rennaissance of Mata Ortiz"

Thursday, Aug 4th, 2011, Red Lodge Clay Center in cooperation with the Red Lodge Carnegie Mellon Library will open the August Exhibition with a FREE Screening of Scott Petersen’s documentary “The Rennaissance of Mata Ortiz” on Thursday, Aug 4, showtime 7PM.

Featured Artist Marko Fields invites Mata Ortiz Potters Diego Valles, Manuel Rodriguez and Hector Gallegos to Red Lodge Clay Center.

“The potters of Mata Ortiz create contemporary works of art, often incorporating Mimbres designs shared by the Southwest, Native American cultures. With an olla as their canvas, the potters of Mata Ortiz have imprinted in them not only re-creations of ancestral symbols, but they have searched within their own spirit and creativity and have been able to conceive a unique artistic language, creative and original. They have gone through the imitation of pre-Hispanic ceramics, and have moved on to a sophisticated creation of contemporary art.” For more information on Mata Ortiz visit: http://www.mataortizcalendar.com

In conjunction with the closing reception on August 26, 2011 Red Lodge Clay Center will be proud to present a FREE Demonstration Workshop at our Fox Studios with a lecture by Diego Valles.

Artists’ Reception: Friday, August 26th, 5-7 pm
Demo Workshop: Saturday, August 27th, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Sunday, August 28th, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Workshop will include a firing demonstration

Jill Foote-Hutton
RLCC Gallery Coordinator

"The Rennaissance of Mata Ortiz"

National Museum of the American Indian’s Indigenous Contemporary Arts Program

National Museum of the American Indian’s Indigenous Contemporary Arts Program Accepting Applications for Artist Leadership Program Indigenous artists of the Western Hemisphere or Hawai’i will receive career, leadership, and artistic training on a funded ten-day trip to the museum in Washington, D.C., and will then receive $7,000 to complete a project in their home communities….
Posted on April 13, 2011
Deadline: May 2, 2011
National Museum of the American Indian’s Indigenous Contemporary Arts Program