The National Endowment for the Arts announces application guidelines for Grants for Arts Projects for local arts agencies

The National Endowment for the Arts announces
application guidelines for Grants for Arts Projects for local arts agencies
Arts Works & Challenge America Fast-Track deadlines are March, May, and August 2013
NEA applicants must be nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations; units of state or local government; or federally recognized tribal communities or tribes with at least three years of programming history in order to apply.
Grant Opportunity: Art Works
The NEA’s Art Works grants support the creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence, public engagement with diverse and excellent art, lifelong learning in the arts, and the strengthening of communities through the arts. Within these areas, innovative projects are strongly encouraged.
Organizations referred to as arts councils, departments of cultural affairs, or arts commissions make up the field of local arts agencies (LAAs). LAAs can be private, nonprofit entities; others are public municipal, county, or regional agencies that operate in cooperation with mayors and city managers.
Art Works project types for LAAs include but are not limited to:
·        Marketing.
·        Audience development.
·        Cultural/creative sector planning.
·        Commissions.
·        Lifelong learning.
·        Enhancement of public spaces.
·        Arts journalism (For project examples, deadlines, and webinar date,  please click here.)
·        Arts, science, technology ( For project examples, archived webinar, and related content, please click here.)
Visit the Art Works guidelines for LAA projects on our website for complete information.
Webinar for potential Art Works applicants
The NEA will present a webinar forLAA applicants covering the basics of the Art Works funding category, how to apply to the NEA, selecting work samples, and advice on preparing a strong application. There will be time for Q & A with NEA staff. The webinar will be January 29, 2013 from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. EST at To join the webinar, go here.
A sample of recent NEA Art Works grants to LAAs include:
·        A $20,000 grant to the Arts Council of New Orleanswill support the Artist as Entrepreneur e-course, a visual arts marketing, self-promotion, and career-planning course for Louisiana artists.
·        A $40,000 grant to the Metropolitan Arts Council of Greater Kansas City (Missouri) will support creation of a regional cultural plan for the greater Kansas City area, including five counties in Missouri and Kansas.
·        A $40,000 grant to Flagstaff Cultural Partners(Arizona) will support a residency program for artists to create and exhibit new work at the Coconino Center for the Arts and teach high school students and at-risk youth.
To see the full list of recent NEA Art Works grants to local arts agencies, visit the Recent Grants section of the NEA website.
Grant Opportunity: Challenge America Fast-Track
The Challenge America Fast-Track category offers support primarily to small and mid-sized organizations for projects that extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations — those whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or disability. Challenge America Fast-Track grants:
  • Extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations.
  • Are limited to specific types of projects.
  • Are for a fixed amount of $10,000 and require a minimum $10,000 match.
  • Receive an expedited application review.
To see the full list of recent NEA Challenge America Fast-Track grants, visit the Recent Grantssection of the NEA website. For sample application narratives, go to the Freedom of Information Act Reading Room.
Visit the Challenge America Fast-Track guidelines for complete information.
Deadlines for Arts Works and Challenge America Fast-Track
There are two deadlines for Art Works applications:
·        For projects under the area of creation or engagement: March 7, 2013
·        For projects under the area of creation, engagement, learning or livability: August 8, 2013
There is one deadline for Challenge America Fast-Track applications: May 23, 2013
A sample of local arts agencies -related content from the NEA website including NEA Arts magazine, and the Art Works blog:
·        A blog post on the Arts Council of Greater New Haven and its public transit performance series, Exact Change. 
If you’re interested in subscribing to the Arts Works blog, please go here. To access our Facebook page, go here, and for our Twitter feed, go here.
Please feel free to share this information and encourage interested applicants to visit the NEA’s website at for more information.
The National Endowment for the Arts announces application guidelines for Grants for Arts Projects for local arts agencies