Women’s History Matters

From: Kohl, Martha
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 9:42 AM
Subject: 2014 Suffrage Centennial and Montana Women’s History Matters
 As January 1, approaches—and with it the start of the Montana women’s suffrage centennial—I wanted to take a moment to update you on the Women’s History Matters project, thank you for your help thus far, and ask you for your continued support.
First, a heartfelt thank you. So many people have worked on this project, expressed enthusiasm for the idea, shared their knowledge, and provided advice, material support, and inspiration. We couldn’t have gotten to where we are without you.
And where are we? 
·       The website is up and running: http://montanawomenshistory.org/ 
·       We have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/montanawomenshistory 
·       And a Twitter hashtag: #herstorymt
·       We have a logo (above), which we are sharing with any organization that plans on participating in centennial activities—by hosting a speaker, digitizing material, creating an exhibit, sponsoring a book club, honoring women in the community or . . .  the possibilities are endless. More suggestions are here: http://montanawomenshistory.org/how-to-celebrate/    
·       We also received what I hope is the first in a long line of excellent feature articles about the project: http://helenair.com/entertainment/yourtime/women-s-history-matters-project-aims-to-give-feminine-contributions/article_8e971818-6e92-11e3-9a41-0019bb2963f4.html 
What’s next? 
·       We will continue adding to the website especially as partners complete their web-based projects. We’re expecting bibliographies and links to online exhibits from University of Montana, interactive maps from the Census and Economic Information Center, a page to make it easy to find relevant digitized state documents from the Montana State Library (think all of those 1970s Status of Women reports), new lesson plans, and more. As these and other projects are completed, we’ll add links to our page. 
·       We will also be posting two feature articles a week (with the occasional bonus feature) on topics ranging from community activists to rodeo champions. Annie Hanshew, Laura Ferguson, and Ellen Baumler are the blog’s starring authors—but several other authors are making cameo appearances. At least a fifth of the entries  will focus on Montana Indian women’s history (even though Montana Indian women didn’t get the vote until 1924). And features will reflect Montana’s geographic and ethnic diversity—while touching on Montana history from 1805 to 2013.
How can you help? 
·       Please help us spread the word. Subscribe to the website and ask your friends and colleagues to subscribe. (It’s easy—just go to the main page and type in your email address where it says “subscribe.” Then confirm you are a real person by typing one of those annoying stylized words—and confirm your subscription through the Feedburner email you’ll receive in your inbox.) 
·       Are you on Facebook? Follow our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/montanawomenshistory) and invite your friends to do the same. 
·       Tweet, if that’s your thing, using the hashtag #herstorymt.
·       Plan events in your community and let us know about them. We’re working on creating a statewide calendar and we’d like to include any and all events. Plus we’ll promote them on our Facebook page.
·       Use your events or projects to help promote http://MontanaWomensHistory.org/. Include the tagline “Find more at MontanaWomensHistory.org” whenever you use the logo. 
·        Add the following tagline (or something like it) to your emails: Visit http://montanawomenshistory.org  to learn more about Montana women’s rich and complex history and to celebrate Montana’s woman suffrage centennial.
·       Finally, keep in touch. Let us know what you like, what you don’t, mistakes you find, and what’s happening in your community.
2014 is going to be quite a ride. I’m glad I have such good companions for the journey.
P.S. Looking for more information? See the attached press release or give me a holler.
Martha Kohl
Historical Specialist
Montana Historical Society
PO Box 201201
Helena MT 59620
Visit http://montanawomenshistory.org to learn more about Montana women’s rich and complex history and to celebrate Montana’s woman suffrage centennial.
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Women’s History Matters