Lowell Jaeger

Go read the acceptance speech of Governor’s Humanities Awards Honoree Lowell Jaeger.

And, if you want to know more, go read his bio page.

I can also tell you he makes beautiful jewelry.

Here’s a sample of his poetry:

An Awakening

It’s quiet as death. Till a renegade wolf in the dark

scents his prey. Dances under starlight and howls
a quarter mile away. Chills the forest
a blacker black. You blink. Listen. Stare.
The pulse of your empty house skips a beat.
In the barn, the horses nicker and kick.

The mare is ready to foal. She’s sick
with fear, panting, soaked in sweat.
So you lace your boots and snipe out there
toward the yawning ache of the hungriest
need in you to face whatever prowls
with cleft foot, claws, or Satan’s bark.

Just beyond the fence line you find the track.
Yours are acres the wild wants back.

Published in South Dakota Review 2008
Lowell Jaeger