Grantmakers in the Arts

Hi all,
I have been waiting and waiting for Grantmakers in the Arts to post the videos they shot of keynote addresses from the GIA conference in Miami this fall because I’ve been dying for you to see one of them!  They’re finally up on You Tube.
Would love for you to take a break, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and treat yourself to Alberto Carvalho’s keynote address, which is here: (If you’re in a hurry, skip to the 9th minute where he starts talking about the arts, but the first nine are great, too.)
Mr. Carvalho is the Superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools and during the last four years under his tenure, the schools have soared with progress, to which he credits as a key factor making the arts a priority.
Mr. Carvalho is a tremendous speaker.  He’s a fine story-teller.  His own story is, in a word, incredible.  And funny.  And his message is so right-on as a reinforcement to the discussion we had Saturday with Denise Juneau, Bob Vogel and the other OPI staff members about the need to treat the arts much more seriously as a key to a world-class education.
This is the man whom I was thinking of when I offered Bob Vogel, the government affairs director of the School Boards Association, the prospect of MAC hosting a keynote speaker at their annual conference.  I have no idea if we could get Mr. Carvalho, but we’ll never know unless we try. 
Hope you enjoy this as much as Cinda and I did!
All the best,
Grantmakers in the Arts