Governors Arts Awards 2010

The 2010 Governors Arts Awards in snapshots..

Fabulous Music by Alex Swaney (former Folklife Director for the Montana Arts Council) and Rennan Rieke (his alter ego is computer wiz for the State of Montana).
The reception in the Capitol Rotunda.

Our fearless leader. Montana Arts Council Chair Jackie Parsons.

Pat Williams, Governor’s Arts Award Winner 2010. (Yes, former-Congressman, Saved the NEA, married to Carol Williams…. THAT Pat Williams.)

Kelly Roberti, Governor’s Arts Award Winner 2010.

The ceremony in the Old Supreme Court Chambers.

Amy Ragsdale, Governors Arts Award Winner 2010.

Donna Forbes, Governors Arts Award Winner 2010.

The ceremony.

John Buck, Governors Arts Award Winner 2010.

Deborah Butterfield, Governors Arts Award Winner 2010.

The Ceremony.

Montana Poet Laureate Henry Real Bird.

Governors Arts Awards 2010

Governor’s Arts Awards Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted online for the Governor’s Arts Awards 2010. The Governor’s Arts Awards program honors outstanding citizens and organizations in Montana whose achievements in the arts benefit all Montanans. The governor presents the Governor’s Arts Awards through a partnership with the Montana Arts Council and the Montana Ambassadors. Anyone or any organization in Montana with commensurate accomplishments can be nominated.

The nominations committee members for the 2010 awards include council members Jane Deschner-Waggoner, Tracy Linder, Arlene Parisot and Youpa Stein.

IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT NOMINATING SOMEONE – and to avoid duplication of efforts – please contact one of these committee members now:

Youpa Stein at
Arlene Parisot at

This year, MAC has introduced an electronic process which begins at our website at Nominations and support materials must be submitted by April 26, 2009.

Governor’s Arts Awards Nominations