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+ 5 Tips for Creating Non-Profit Online Communities

I am pleased to see that, more and more, listening is becoming a critical early step and key ongoing practice in recommended communication strategies of all kinds. As little as a year or two ago, it was more of an off-handed acknowledgement, quickly passed over in favor of discussions of tools and how to turn social media into broadcast media. Geoff Livingston’s 5 Tips for Creating Non-Profit Online Communities is a great example of this new strategic commitment. He gets it right from the start with tip #1: The Cause is the Purpose. Too often nonprofits will make the organization itself the purpose. Big mistake. Tip #2 is listening and he explicitly identifies the need for ongoing systems for paying attention to stakeholders. Read on for more detail about these two, along with his other three tips. This is inspiring stuff.


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The cause is the purpose of the network. Don’t build a network for your organization’s website. The mission of the site needs to revolve around the general common bond a non-profit has with its stakeholder community.

The classic community mistake is to use a network to drive information out into the public as opposed to creating a compelling experience for members. Sometimes that means getting out of the way. Providing value includes a dynamic environment where members interact and drive conversation, participate in activity they can’t find on general social networks, and receive acknowledgment.

“A social network needs to deliver value. I don’t think that you should be sending the members links to your research and reports 5 times a day,” said Holly Ross, Executive Director, NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network. “A theater company may be able to serve its patrons by providing a social space for the patrons to discuss play writing, set design, and/or the latest shows from the company. A health organization may serve its clients by giving them a space to talk to and support one another privately.”

A nice article from the archives…..

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+ The Message in the Cryptex: Gavin Clabaugh Answers the Social Media Question
Thank you, Gavin. I have been teaching social media for years now (since long before we were talking about “2.0” stuff) and I focus on meaningful, high impact strategies that leverage the strengths of particular organizations. But that isn’t what people want. They want an easy answer to how to use the brand of the season (today it’s Facebook or Twitter) to raise money. Anyone who promises easy answers (tips, tricks, hacks, etc) will attract an order of magnitude more interest than those who don’t. Frankly, the whole dynamic infuriates me.
So, it’s with enormous gratitude that I read The Message in the Cryptex by Gavin Clabaugh. With his trademark eloquence, he tackles this very same frustration. And believe it or not, he does have an answer. And it actually is an easy one. But chances are good that most of us still won’t like it.

+ Making Sense of Social Networking and Social Media
I recently recorded a social media seminar for the clients of a colleague whose work I admire. I wish I had had my hands on Adam Louie’s excellent introduction to the topic in Making Sense of Social Networking and Social Media. It’s got much less hype than usual and he avoids over-dramatic statements like “the end of email”. He’s got some solid numbers that underscore why it’s so important that we do social media inventories of our stakeholders. Did you know that one third of adults in the U.S. have a social network profile somewhere?

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