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The deadline for applications to the National Endowment for the Arts Art Works funding category is August 8.  For Local Arts Agencies, this is the deadline for Programmingprojects which may include:

  • Artist commissions, including those for public art.
  • Artist residencies where the primary purpose is to create new art.
  • Innovative projects using technology, media, new models, or other strategies in the creation of new work.


  • Performing arts events, readings, screenings, broadcasts, and visual arts exhibitions.
  • Innovative projects to increase access to the arts or works of art.
  • Innovative collaborations that strengthen the field of community arts journalism and arts criticism.
  • Subgranting for programming activities on behalf of a local arts agency’s constituents. To be eligible, a local arts agency must be a unit of city or county government or designated to operate on behalf of its local government. In addition to the “Applicant Eligibility” section for all Grants for Arts Projects applicants, applicants for subgranting projects must have a three-year history of subgranting in the arts prior to the application deadline.
  • Documentation and conservation of public and monumental art.


  • Artist residencies where the primary purpose is the acquisition of knowledge or skills in the arts.
  • Education and related activities for youth, adults, intergenerational groups, and schools. (If your project is for youth, see “Choosing the Right Discipline for Youth Projects” to help you in your discipline selection.)


  • The enhancement of public spaces through commissioning and/or installation of art works.
A webinar outlining the application process can be viewed here.  Click here to learn how to prepare and submit an application.
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Arts Art Works