Recreating Education for our Children

Of course I’m going to post this…..  I have a degree in biology AND I’m a forever farm kid…..
Notes from a conference on art of science learning
Susan Sclafani, “Recreating Education for our Children.”

In questions and comments, when asked to say more about how this vision for the arts in education can be implemented, Scalfani said that this required a very complex answer, providing which was one of the functions of the conference. However, she would say overall that there needed to be more of an emphasis on the more dynamic activities associated with the arts. There was, she said, too much “reading the book and answering the questions” and too little active exploration in schools.

A participant seconded this by remarking that in her experience it was the “farm kids” who get science more easily as they have more time playing outside and experimenting in the real world.

Recreating Education for our Children