phototaxis: the movement of an organism in response to the stimulus of light

phototaxis: the movement of an organism in response to the stimulus of light. Like moths to a flame. PHOTOTAXIS is a gathering of a community of photographers – along with the art and Montana loving public – and a live slideshow of our best work projected on the side of a rustic barn, under the stars and Mission Mountains at FarmRd in Polson, MT.

PHOTOTAXIS 2014 is ready for submissions and for everyone to save the date and spread the word. Last year’s gathering was a big success and we’re hoping to grow the gathering and celebrate photography and the creative community by inviting you to submit and attend.
Last year’s participants included photographers from Montana, California, Spain, New York, and Boston; and the work of photographers Andi Schreiber, Ken Jarecke, and Pelle Cass.
When & Where?
Saturday, August 23rd in Polson, Montana.
This year PHOTOTAXIS is being held on a Saturday to make it easier for those who are traveling to attend. 
Do note that one does not have to attend to submit their work. All that’s needed is a desire to have one’s work projected in the magnificent scene shown above and the wish to see photography celebrated in even the most rural areas of our creative community. Please consider submitting even if you cannot attend – PHOTOTAXIS is nothing without the full support of our community – and it will be good for the soul. By submitting and attending this year you will allow the idea of PHOTOTAXIS to grow so that it will be there for you in the near future when you can attend.
Also there will be an opportunity this year from 7-9pm for photographers to show off printed work and for the general public to have a look. If one has paid to submit to the slideshow than they are welcome this year to bring a few prints, a portfolio, or a book of work for everyone to view.
Please help us spread the word by liking and sharing the PHOTOTAXIS page on Facebook (, emailing all your photographer friends about this event, or printing and posting the attached flyer in your school or neighborhood. There is also a PHOTOTAXIS event that you can use to invite your friends and colleagues:
Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts or ideas, and we hope we get to see you and/or your work this year.
Thank you!
Lauren Grabelle

(406)837-3900 [fine art / editorial] [weddings & dogs]
scenes from PHOTOTAXIS 2013
phototaxis: the movement of an organism in response to the stimulus of light

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