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           Newsletter: May 19, 2014
In the News
It is with great sadness that the National Endowment for the Arts acknowledges the passing of Joe Wilder, recipient of a 2008 NEA Jazz Masters fellowship, the nation’s highest honor in jazz.
Webinar Wednesday: Technology and Creativity
How will new technologies like Google Glass foster creative expression and learning? Join award-winning product designer and inventor Hayes Raffle this Wednesday, May 21st at 3:00 pm EDT as he explores this and other questions on the intersections of technology and the arts. Raffle is the Principal of Topobo, LLC and Staff Interaction Researcher working on Project Glass at Google[x], a research facility dedicated to making major technological advancements. Register now.
Art Works Podcasts
“The release of being able to actually tell your own story I would imagine is really profound. It’s a way of channeling those feelings into something else, something quite tangible.” In this week’s podcast, Josephine Reed talks with Adam Sherlock of “Sending Messages,” a podcast series produced by incarcerated youth. 
In Case You Couldn’t Join Us
In the second of a three-part webinar series, “Learning from Abroad,” U.S. and U.K. designers discussed the intersection of design and government.
Highlights from the Art Works Blog
Art Talk with Patrick Rosal: “There is no guarantee that art changes anything in us. But I like to think that I have inherited poetic traditions closely allied to a culture of work, and that culture at least partially consists of remembering, gathering, questioning, inventing, and naming.” In this interview Rosal–a poet, musician, and educator–shares his views on poetry as an act of community and history, art as work, and the tension between the traditional American dream and the life of the artist.

Announcing the new #NEABigRead grantees: Jan Schmidt of Storytelling and Arts Center of the Southeast–one of the 77 nonprofits recommended for a 2014-2015 Big Read grant–chats with us about the impact of the program in her North Carolina community.

Notable Quotable: Rajiv Joseph: Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Rajiv Joseph talks about the inspiration behind his work.

Why Children’s Books Matter: In honor of Children’s Book Week 2014, New York Public Library Children’s Librarian Betsy Bird shares some interesting–and surprising!–facts about children’s literature at home and abroad. 

The National Endowment for the Arts was established by Congress in 1965 as an independent agency of the federal government. To date, the NEA has awarded more than $4 billion to support artistic excellence, creativity, and innovation for the benefit of individuals and communities. The NEA extends its work through partnerships with state arts agencies, local leaders, other federal agencies, and the philanthropic sector.
Federal Grants, the federal   grant making portal, can provide you with notification of upcoming funding opportunities across the federal government. Sign up to be notified whenever new guidelines are posted.

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Art Works May 19 2014

Six Words You Should Say Today

Very rarely does one sentence have immediate impact on me.

Very rarely does one sentence change the way I interact with my family.

But this one did. It was not from Henry Thoreau or some renowned child psychologist. It was invaluable feedback from children themselves. And if I’ve learned anything on my Hands Free journey, it is that children are the true experts when it comes to grasping what really matters in life.
Here are the words that changed it all:
“… college athletes were asked what their parents said that made them feel great, that amplified their joy during and after a ballgame. Their overwhelming response: ‘I love to watch you play.'”

The life-changing sentence came at the beginning of an article entitled, “What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent and What Makes a Great One,” which described powerful insights gathered over three decades by Bruce E. Brown and Rob Miller of Proactive Coaching LLC. Although I finished reading the entire piece, my eyes went back and searched for that one particular sentence — the one that said, “I love to watch you play.”

 Read the rest:

Six Words You Should Say Today

Retirement Announcement

Cindy Kittredge announces her retirement from the Montana Arts Council
The Montana Arts Council (MAC) announces the pending retirement November 1 of Cindy Kittredge, the agency’s Folk Arts and Market Development Specialist. Kittredge developed the Montana Artrepreneur Program (MAP) for the agency, which has earned a national reputation for its outstanding training program in marketing and business skills development for artists. She also spearheaded the Montana Circle of American Masters (MCAM) program to honor outstanding traditional artists and celebrate Montana’s folk arts heritage. Thirty eight artists have been honored in MCAM, and more than 250 artists have undertaken the training offered through the MAP program.
Kittredge says, “My heartfelt thanks to both the Montana Arts Council and the state’s artists for the opportunity to help creative individuals find new paths to sustain themselves.  As a person of the land with numerous and long rows to hoe, I don’t see work ending but evolving. The timing now seems right to step over to the next row with all its possibilities.”  
MAC Executive Director Arlynn Fishbaugh says, “Cindy has set the bar very high for arts agency programs that effectively serve artists.  She was completely undeterred by challenges that are unique to Montana – like reaching far into the remote and rural regions of our state with her service. In conversations I’ve had with artists about the program, the refrain was always the same: ‘the MAP program is the most important thing that has happened to me in my life.’  They also say, ‘this is the most helpful training I have ever received because it is geared specifically to the unique needs of artists.’  Cindy’s work with the council highlights her expertise, support, patience and skill with both the artists and coaches she trained in MAP.  The process she developed is centered on the important concepts behind adult learning, where she has a special expertise.” 
The legacy Cindy leaves for the arts council will be carried on by Sheri Jarvis, a ceramic artist from Butte. Sheri is a MAP “graduate” and a MAP coach who will fill this temporary assignment for one year following Cindy’s retirement.  Fishbaugh says, “Because Sheri has experience first-hand with the ins and outs of the MAP program, combined with her expertise in working for varied organizations, she can hit the ground running both for artists and for working within a structured governmental agency.” Sheri holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication with a minor in Fine Art from Montana State University Billings.
Fishbaugh notes, “Sheri’s involvement will allow the agency the opportunity to have a seamless transition until the agency publically advertises the position on a permanent basis next summer. We’re also happy to have Cindy with us until November. Between now and then, Cindy will guide us in our efforts to ensure that the programs she created have a lasting legacy.”
Retirement Announcement

2014 BIG SKY FILM SERIES Free Screenings Continue at the TOP HAT LOUNGE in downtown MISSOULA, MONTANA

2014 BIG SKY FILM SERIES Free Screenings Continue at the TOP HAT LOUNGE in downtown MISSOULA, MONTANA
Monday Nights at 8 p.m.
May 19th –
Three young brothers take a secret sunset journey across a river to a pleasure island that’s always been forbidden to them. As such, the narrative conceit of Tchoupitoulas is as timeless as a fairy tale.
May 26th –
The untold story of ‘bad-boy’ Johnny Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for his father in the shadow of a legend.
June 9th –
“MADE IN MONTANA” SHORT FILMS (Filmmakers in-attendance) This series of shorts includes new work by some of Montana’s best filmmakers and about some of Montana’s most interesting people and places.
June 16th –
BROTHERS ON THE LINE (Filmmaker in-attendance) Narrated by Martin Sheen, this acclaimed documentary explores the extraordinary journey of the Reuther brothers, prolific United Auto Workers labor leaders.
June 23rd –
WILD REVERENCE (Filmmaker in-attendance) WILD REVERENCE embarks on a quest to begin a movement to enact real change not only for the steelhead but for all ecosystems.  Filmmaker Shane Anderson will be in-attendance to answer questions and discuss the movie. 
June 30th –
The Whole Gritty City follows three New Orleans marching bands rising up in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
View movie trailers and read more about the films – <>
For Review Copies & Information, contact – Michael Workman, Programming Assistant, (406) 541-3456, <>
Special thanks to the Big Sky Film Series sponsors – THE TOP HAT LOUNGE – <>
Big Sky Film Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
2014 BIG SKY FILM SERIES Free Screenings Continue at the TOP HAT LOUNGE in downtown MISSOULA, MONTANA

Art Force & National Rural Assembly Call for Sessions, Presenters, Facilitators

Art-Force and the National Rural Assemblyare hosting a convening of rural practitioners and leaders, artisans and artists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, policy makers and nonprofit organizations for three days of dialogue, workshops, and exploration of how partnerships between the creative arts and agriculture can produce innovative strategies for economic redevelopment and well-being in rural and economically distressed communities.

The Cross-Currents : Arts + Agriculture Powering Rural Economies Program Planning Committee is seeking presenters, facilitators, workshop leaders, and topic ideas for multiple time slots throughout this conference. We are looking for diverse leadership and bold ideas, experiences, and examples that can speak to and further our thinking within the following six focus areas:
Artisan + Agricultural Entrepreneurs

What promising practices exist to build the entrepreneurial skills of artists and farmers? How are artists being connected to manufacturing opportunities? (ie: mentoring and apprentice programs, artists in residence in culinary arts programs, agripreneur training, rapid prototyping and innovative industrial design)

Creative Infrastructure

What physical, organizational, and social infrastructure can more effectively support the creative and ag sectors? What unique models exist across rural and urban America that might inform how we move forward? (ie: repurposing Main Street buildings, developing community alliances, organizing a food hub)
Rural Ingenuity + Creativity

What models exist for identifying rural cultural and agricultural assets and building on those assets to create viable economic opportunities?
Getting to Scale

How can local food entrepreneurs and local artisans better engage with demand to grow opportunities? (ie: unique food distribution models; niche value-added agriculture; arts incubators and aggregators; food processing, packaging, and distribution; fabrication; etc.)
Your Story

How do you make the case for the impact that arts and ag have on rural places? How do you attract investors to move your work forward?

How are local, state, and federal resources being used to support arts and agriculture? What models exist for effective, supportive policy?
Proposals, addressing one of the above categories, should align with one of the following formats:

Ninety or one-hundred twenty minute interactive discussion with prepared curriculum

Sixty, seventy-five, or ninety minute facilitated discussion among no more than three (3) participants
Innovative Practice Presentation

Twenty minute talk
Hands-On Activity

Thirty minute engagement with conference participants in a plenary session
Theresa A. Cameron
Local Arts Services
The National Service Organization for America’s Local Arts Agencies
Art Force & National Rural Assembly Call for Sessions, Presenters, Facilitators

Cross Currents: Art + Agriculture

September 3-5, 2014 | Greensboro, NC




Artists-artisans-designers, rural leaders and advocates, elected and agency representatives, CSAs and CDCs, food producers and distributors, policy researchers and scholars, entrepreneurs and small business owners who seek creative approaches to ensuring greater quality of life within their communities.

Cross Currents: Art + Agriculture

Public Artists May 16 2014

    For Public Artists
Montana Arts Council Newsletter
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May 16, 2014
 Dear Public Artist, 
Greetings! You may scroll down through the actual newsletter or simply click on the links to your favorite features in the adjoining sidebar.
Thanks for reading, Kim
  General Interest 

“View From a Landing” KBH 2012

NEA Chair Nominee Approved by Senate Committee
Isaac Brown, Legislative Counsel
Vol. 14:07
May 14, 2014
This morning, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee met to consider the nomination of Dr. Jane Chu to lead the National Endowment for the Arts. We are pleased to report that Dr. Chu’s nomination was approved by voice vote. The senior Republican on the committee, Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), spoke very favorably of her nomination in advance of the vote.
The HELP Committee will now forward Dr. Chu’s name for consideration by the full Senate. Predicting when the Senate might vote on her candidacy is difficult; the timing is at the discretion of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). NASAA will continue to monitor Dr. Chu’s nomination and alert you when a Senate vote is planned.
National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
1029 Vermont Avenue, NW, 2nd Floor | Washington, DC 20005
202-347-6352 | fax: 202-737-0526 | TDD: 202-347-5948 | 
2014 Grant Open for Submissions
Deadline: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
The Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program supports writers whose work addresses contemporary visual art through project-based grants, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, issued directly to twenty individual authors 
a year. The program was founded in recognition of both the financially precarious situation of arts writers and their indispensable contribution to a vital artistic culture. The Arts Writers Grant Program aims to support the broad spectrum of writing on contemporary visual art, from general-audience criticism to academic scholarship. 
Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program 
The Arts Writers Grant Program’s 2014 application is now open!
 Writerswho meet the program’s eligibility requirements are invited to apply before May 21 in the following categories: articles, blogs, books, new and alternative media, and short-form writing. In grantee news, Lucy Lippard’s book Undermining, which explores the “politics of land use and art in an evolving New West,” was just released by the New Press. This spring, two new grantee blogs went live: Ed Fuentes’s Paint this Desert, about murals and street art in Las Vegas; and Andrew Horwitz’s Ephemeral Objects, about object-oriented aesthetics. And we’re excited to announce that two grantees have recently received exceptional honors: Mira Schor’s blog, A Year of Positive Thinking, won Best Blog in this year’s AICA Art Writing Awards; and  Jen Graves was a finalist for the Pulitzer prize in Criticism for her writing in 
The Stranger

Writers who meet the program’s eligibility requirements are invited to apply in the following categories:
* Articles
* Blogs
* Books
* New and Alternative Media
* Short-Form Writing
Through all its grants, the Arts Writers Grant Program aims to honor and encourage writing about art
* that is rigorous, passionate, eloquent, and precise;
* in which a keen engagement with the present is infused with an appreciation of the historical;
* that is neither afraid to take a stand nor content to deliver authoritative pronouncements, but serves rather to pose questions and generate new possibilities for thinking about, seeing, and making art;
* that is sensitive to both the importance and difficulty of situating aesthetic objects within their broader social and political contexts;
* that does not dilute or sidestep complex ideas but renders accessible their meaning and value;
* that creatively challenges the limits of existing conventions, without valorizing novelty as an end in itself.
Due to legal constraints we can only fund U.S. citizens, permanent residents of the United States, and holders of O-1 visas. For news on Arts Writers grantees, follow us on Twitter. Art Writing Workshop: In partnership with the International Association of Art Critics/USA Section, the Arts Writers Grant Program offers ten select applicants consultations with leading art critics.  
New York Foundation for the Arts
Distance Consultations for Visual Artists
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
10am- 4pm EST
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is pleased to offer Distance Consultations, a program designed to provide support for international artists based outside the United States and U.S.-based artists living outside of NYC. The Distance Consultations Program was developed to address the needs of artists who are unable to attend our popular Doctor’s Hours program onsite, at NYFA’s offices in Brooklyn.
Participants in Distance Consultations may book one-on-one individual appointments with NYFA consultants via Skype. The sessions provide an opportunity for practical advice and feedback on presentation of your work, your website, or an upcoming application.
For this session, twenty-four appointments will be available on Tuesday, May 27 from 10 AM-4 PM EST. Each appointment costs US $50 for 30 minutes, and participants are limited to two appointments each. Please note: Consultants are asked to give feedback and suggestions to artists regarding the presentation of their work, not the quality of their work.
WHERE: Via Skype
PROGRAM FEE: $50 US for 30-minute consultation; there is a two-appointment limit per registrant.
REGISTRATION: Opens Wednesday, May 7 at 12pm EST*. A link to registration will be made available on the Distance Consultations event page. Note: If registering for the first time, you will need to make a login account for your first registration.
*Please note: The link for registration will not be available until Wednesday, May 7, at 12pm EST. Artists should be mindful of any time zone differences before signing up. Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.
  • Nina Horisaki-Christens, Curator and Writer: 
  • Nina Horisaki-Christens is a curator and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. As a 2012-13 Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow of the Whitney Museum of
  • American Art’s Independent Study Program, she co-curated Maintenance Required at The Kitchen (NY, 2013).
  • David Goodman, Artist, Curator, Director of Projects and Programs, Critical Practices Inc.: David is an artist and curator living in New York City. Goodman’s work is focused on mapping his history through pattern and form. His approach to a project is in a manner comparable to archeology (the reconstruction of the visual landscape premised on its trace.)
  • Meenakshi Thirukode, Curator, Writer and Artist: Meenakshi was recently appointed as the Creative Director at Dakshinachitra (Chennai, India), a leading museum focusing on the culture of South India. She has contributed to various publications including The Hindu Newspaper, Whitewall Magazine, Art Asia Pacific, Art India, Art and Deal Magazine, Art
QUESTIONS: Please e-mail:  
Lewistown, MT
29th Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering & Western Music Rendezvous
August 14-17, 2014
Submitted by:  Karen Kuhlmann, Gathering Coordinator,, 406-538-4575
           Cowboy poets and western musicians interested in performing at the 29th Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering & Western Music Rendezvous, August 14-17 this summer are invited to contact:  Charlotte Carroll,, 406-538-3058.  Registration forms are online at
          Artist/vendors wanting to participate in the Western Art & Gear Vendor Show (FREE to the public), produced in conjunction with The Gathering on Friday, August 15 and Saturday, August 16, are encouraged to contact Karen Kuhlmann,, 406-538-4575 or go online for information and registration forms at   
          Day Headquarters this August will be at The Yogo Inn and Conference Center, 211 E. Main Street in Lewistown. Artist/vendors will be set up indoors or outdoors at The Yogo Inn.  The 50+ hourly day-sessions of poetry and music and the poetry/music store featuring the works of participating performers will also be at The Yogo Inn.
          For a complete schedule and more details, please go to: or call, 406-538-4575.
          Don’s Store, in Lewistown, currently has tickets for the Thursday night Welcome BBQ and the Saturday night Grand Stage Show starring Sons of the San Joaquin.  The 4-day collectible pin passes are also available at Don’s Store. 
          MontanaCowboyPoetryGathering is a “signature event” for Lewistown and the 2nd oldest gathering in the country….just one year younger than Elko, Nevada, the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. 
Helena, MT
Montana Arts Council MAP Program is accepting Applications from Montana artists.
2014 Grant Open for Submissions
Deadline: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Apply online
The Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program supports writers whose work addresses contemporary visual art through project-based grants, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, issued directly to twenty individual authors a year. The program was founded in recognition of both the financially precarious situation of arts writers and their indispensable contribution to a vital artistic culture. The Arts Writers Grant Program aims to support the broad spectrum of writing on contemporary visual art, from general-audience criticism to academic scholarship.
Writers who meet the program’s eligibility requirements are invited to apply in the following categories:
* Articles
* Blogs
* Books
* New and Alternative Media
* Short-Form Writing
 For more information,    
Great Falls, MT
Paris Gibson Square Museum 
New York, NY
440 Gallery
Annual Theme Show: Food for Thought
August 21 – September 13, 2014
Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What is on the mind of every starving artist? Food! 440 Gallery is seeking entries for their annual summer theme show; this year’s will explore food in all its manifestations from farm to table. The history of art is the history of food: ever since our ancestors depicted the hunt for dinner on the walls of caves, cuisine and culture have always met in art. Consider Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters, Edward Hopper’s Diner, and Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. In addition to depictions of edibles, artisans shape vessels and embroider linens for the preparation and service of our meals. Artists also confront current issues such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), factory farming and our national obesity epidemic. The exhibition will run from Thursday, August 21, through Saturday, September 13, 2014, with an opening reception on Thursday, August 21, 6:00-9:00 PM.

Juror: The juror for this year’s Theme Show is Jennifer Coates, a painter, musician and writer living in New York City. She has written reviews of art exhibits for major arts publications, and has taught in art programs around the country. She has also widely exhibited her work in numerous group shows and has had solo shows at Feigen Contemporary, Kevin Bruk Gallery and Luxe Gallery. (See below for More About Our Juror.)

Eligibility: Open to artists living in the US.
Sales: The gallery will take 20% commission on any work sold. Work not for sale must be marked “N.F.S.” in the Price section of the submission form. No “P.O.R.” (price on request) sales.
Entry Fee: The fee is $35 for 1 – 3 works, $5 for each additional work up to 6 works total. Entry fees are non-refundable.
Entry Requirements: All entries must be submitted electronically. 

440 Gallery
440 Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 499-384
Food for Thought
Marketing Ideas
 Postcards AND MORE
“The most versatile size and thickness
for nearly any marketing activity. Perfect for hand-outs, package inserts and direct mail.”  
*Note:  There are a variety of vendors out there to consider; this vendor was recommended by a fellow artist.  Design it.  Mail it.  KBH
Do Not Privatize Federal Cultural Agencies
Jonathan Katz 
“A House budget resolution suggesting privatization of the National Endowment for the Arts and other cultural agencies would be detrimental to the public. Here’s why…read more.
Next month, the National Leadership Gathering, in Billings, Montana, will bring together leaders from across the US. There are two special focus groups coming this year….one is the Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services Office, with whom we are helping train law enforcement to respond to and prevent hate crimes; the other is the education leadership of Not in Our School, which is combining anti-bigotry concepts into anti-bullying curricula to implement in schools around the country.

THIS is going to be a fantastic conference!!! I really think you should be there – the arts are such a huge part of human-rights work.

Louisville, KY
An excerpt from Art Travel Guide
21c Museum Hotel
21c Museum Hotel was founded in 2006 by Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, philanthropists and arts patrons who had a vision: supporting the revitalization of Louisville’s downtown and engaging the public with contemporary art in a new way. Understanding that art drives commerce and enriches people’s lives, they created 21c Museum Hotel to help make Louisville and its historic downtown arts and theater district a more vibrant place.
The hotel has 90 rooms. Visitors not staying at the hotel can also view the contemporary art museum, a stunning collection of cutting-edge art. Group and solo exhibitions feature emerging artists alongside acclaimed international artists-Bill Viola, Tony Oursler, Andres Serrano, Sam Taylor Wood, David Leventhal, Yinka Shonibare and Judy Fox, Chuck Close, Alfredo Jaar, and Kara Walker. Exhibits are displayed in elevators, public restrooms, sunken courtyards, hallways, on the walls of the Proof on Main restaurant and bar-even on the floor!
21c is a critical and financial success and has proven once again that art venues attract tourists. (Bilboa might be the best example!) The 21c team is looking towards opportunities to enliven the cultural and civic life in urban centers across the country, including Bentonville, Arkansas and Cincinnati, Ohio where a new 21c Museum Hotel has recently opened.
700 W Main St, Louisville, KY    502.217.6300
Want to view our previous newsletters?
Newsletter #1 – Top Habits of Successful Artists
Newsletter #2 – The Handshake 
BY James Clear | May 6, 2014
“In 2009, Fred Stutzman was a graduate student at the University of North Carolina and he was trying to grind out some important work on his thesis.
But there was a problem. His favorite coffee shop, which had previously been a quiet sanctuary where he could escape distraction and get work done, had just added a new and very dangerous feature: Wireless internet.
Now Stutzman found himself constantly distracted by the endless supply of entertainment and social media on the web – even if he really wanted to get something done. He tried disconnecting from the internet, but it wasn’t that simple. He was always clicking it back on to “take a break.” He was constantly fighting the urge to check his messages and updates. . .”
For More: click on the link above
BY Drake Baer | FROM Business Insider| May 5, 2014
“The only major personality trait that consistently leads to success is conscientiousness.
“It’s emerging as one of the primary dimensions of successful functioning across the lifespan,” Paul Tough writes in “How Children Succeed.” “It really goes cradle to grave in terms of how people do.”
Tough says that people who test high in conscientiousness get better grades in school and college, commit fewer crimes, and stay married longer. . .”
For More: click on the link above
   Check Art Calls at:
“View From a Landing” 2012 KBH
Check out Creative Capital Blog for some insights into the artistic life of others.Under theirTips & Tools tab see some budgeting ideas for artists.  
Technical and archival information for artists from: Golden paints Newsletter #30 is released   
Tremaine Foundation Resources for Artists : Online links to a variety of resources for individual artists and arts organizations. 
The National Arts Program — click to view magazine
 Art Daily   Click to view magazine
The First Art Newspaper on the Net
Copyright ©  
Lynn Basa 
Lynn is one of the artists I turn to when I need advice. Not once has she mentioned her book.  I came across it today in the search for something else. So, I will toot the horn for her and have you consider her ideas.  Lynn Basa website to see her artwork.  
Helena, MT
Helena Symphony
Please submit a detailed resume and letter of application to the Executive Director, Ginny Abbott, at Applications will be considered until the position is filled.
Miles City, MT
WaterWorks Museum
 DOE/ OPEN until filled
Art Mobile of Montana is in search of artworks to travel with their staff for their schools program for 2014-2015. The traveling exhibit’s new theme:
“Imagine That! Creativity and Innovation”
and they are looking for new staff.
Job Opening: Art Mobile of Montana – Teaching Artist Position
Like to Travel?
Art Mobile of Montana’s part-time Teaching Artist (TA) Position offers the opportunity to travel around beautiful Montana with the AMM van as the ambassador for the Art Mobile program, representing AMM to schools, students, educators, administrators, and the public. The TA has the opportunity to curate an artist search and to display their own artwork in our traveling exhibit of 30 artworks.
Application Deadline: May 23, 2014
Submit: Letter of interest, 3 Reference letters, Resume with record of exhibitions .Email submission materials to: Director Sara
Position Start Date: July 1, 2014 – with work through June 2015 including return of art to artists; Possibility to extend position to the 2015-2016 school year.
The City of Walnut Creek is seeking a Public Art Program Supervisor to join its Arts, Recreation, and Community Services Department. This part time position (20 hours per week) is responsible for the administration of the Walnut Creek Public Art Program, which includes municipal and private development public art projects generated by the City’s public art ordinance. The Public Art Program Supervisor, in coordination with the Bedford Gallery Curator, the Arts, Recreation and Community Services Director and the City of Walnut Creek Arts Commission, is responsible for the development and implementation of all aspects of the Public Art program.
This is a benefited position and is eligible for the same benefits as other part-time employees in the General Management Unit. 
Americans for the Arts
for questions about posting to the Job Bank 
Musical America has job opportunities
for artists and
other disciplines. JOB POSTINGS

“Undulations” 2012 KBH

Oro Valley, AZ
Request for Qualifications for Public Art Project in Oro Valley, AZ
Deadline: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 (postmarked by May 5, 2014)
Project Title:  Integrated Public Art Project – Privately owned Public Art
Call to Artist issues by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance.
Project Summary
The goal of the project is to develop a viable, permanent public art project for Copper Health Oro Valley (Transitional Care Facility) including its final installation on campus. The public art project desires to include seating areas integrated into the main outdoor entry ways, as well as a significant main sculpture piece located near the main patient entrance. 
$25,000 Total Budget (includes travel, materials, preparation materials, art fabrication and some installation).  Developer commits to prepare space with recommended footings, base and structural base elements. 
The following materials are due on or before the deadline:
*  Resumé with current contact information
*  A one page project descriptive proposal explaining your interest and potential compatibility with this project, as well as an artist range.  Any proposed artist project sketches (if desired) can be included in this portion of the application process. 
* Ten images in digital format. Acceptable digital images must be: (Min 300 DPI, Format of JPEG, PNG or PDF)  Images must not exceed 3 MB each.  Name each image: lastnamefirstnameimagenumber.jpg
* A list of the images with corresponding image numbers, description and date of the work, project budget, and project partners if applicable.
All application materials should be submitted electronically by the stated deadline to the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance at
View the CALL TO ARTIST in its entirety at: 
Kate Marquez/Executive Director
Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA)
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, advancement, and preservation of the Arts
O (520) 797-3959 x 6  C (520) 240-2766  F (520) 531-9225
7225 North Oracle Road, Suite 112 – Tucson, AZ  85704
Seattle, WA
Call for Artists: Fire Station 22
The Office of Arts & Culture, in partnership with the Department of Finance and Administrative Services and the Seattle Fire Department, seeks an artist to develop a permanent or site-integrated art project for Fire Station 22, a North Capitol Hill neighborhood fire station.

The selected artist will work with the community, firefighters and staff to create a site-specific, durable, artwork. The artist will be asked to address the work and spirit of the firefighters and the unique character of the surrounding neighborhood.
Eligibility: Open to established professional artists living within the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana) and California.
Budget: The selected artist will receive a commission of $90,000 (Design contract for $10,000 and a fabrication and installation contract of $80,000.)
Deadline: 11 p.m., Monday, June 9, 2014 (Pacific Standard Time).
Application: Click here to apply.
Info: Kelly Pajek, Public Art Project Manager, (206) 684-7311
The artwork is funded by Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy 1% for Art funds. 

Chico, CA
California State University Chico is seeking artist qualifications for a site-specific project to be located on the exterior of the new Arts & Humanities building currently under construction. Deadline for receipt of materials is Friday, May 16 at 5 pm PDT. The project budget is $70,000. For more information please download the complete RFQ or, contact Kelly Lindner, Public Art Curator at
Kelly Lindner/Public Art Curator
California State University, Chico
530-898-4181 office
Ownesboro, KY
RiverArtes is a revolving biennial exhibition of public art by sculptors of international, national and regional prominence designed to celebrate the vitality of Owensboro, Kentucky; enhance its creative placemaking efforts; establish it as a cultural tourism destination and enrich the lives of its residents and visitors. Opportunities abound in the City’s new multi-million dollar Riverfront Development for the placement of public art, a visual additive that creates an atmosphere of community pride, excitement and celebration.
The project, that features rotating exhibitions of monumental outdoor sculpture, follows the national model for leased sculpture installations, each lasting two years. Sculpture sponsors include foundations, granting agencies, private and corporate sectors.
An exhibition of one hundred selected entries will be presented at the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art and will provide sponsors an opportunity to review and choose sculpture that they wish to lease or purchase for the 2015 RiverArtes Biennial. Artists may have their works represented in this exhibition by maquettes, photographs or other illustrative formats.
The selection criteria will include: quality of craftsmanship; attention to architectural, historical, geographic and cultural context; maintainability; structural and surface soundness; durability; resistance to weathering, excessive maintenance and repair costs; appropriateness for placement on a pedestrian site and ability to withstand public interaction.
June 27 Deadline for receipt of digital entries
July 14 Notification of acceptance
Aug. 4-8 Accepted entries received
Aug.23 Museum exhibition opens
Sept. 19 Contracts finalized
Oct. 24 Site installations complete
Oct. 26 Museum exhibition closes

Selections will be made by mid September and lease agreements signed with artists. Site installations will be completed by the end of October. Date of two-year lease period will begin when installation is finalized.
Each artist selected for the two-year exhibition will receive $2500 per year for lease of each sculpture. The artist will be responsible for transportation to and from the site and for installation. Costs regarding site preparation will be the responsibility of the sponsors. Cranes or large equipment will be provided by the sponsors.
Artists selected for this exhibition will be required to meet contract terms and scopes. There will be no additional award beyond the stipend and no contingency funds will be available.
Sculpture will be insured by the sponsor while installed at the site.
In the event that the piece is purchased at the conclusion of the exhibition, the artist shall pay a commission of 30% of the sale price to the RiverArtes Partnership to support future public art projects in Owensboro, Kentucky.
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Norfolk, VA
Church Street/Attucks
BUDGET: $100,000
Deadline: Friday, May 30, 2014 2:00pm
The Public Art Planning Committee seeks an artist to design and create artwork that will celebrate the rich history and reflect the diversity of cultural heritage of Church Street welcoming everyone to this place of inclusion.  The committee hopes the artwork will signal a gateway, transition and connector to downtown.  The final artwork should be inspiring, stimulate thought and conversation and serve as an example of creativity.  It should be captivating, lively and unifying. 
Karen Rudd /Manager Cultural Affairs   SELDEN ARCADE / 208 E. MAIN ST. NORFOLK, VA 23510   757-664-6883
Brooklyn, NY
440 Gallery
Annual Theme Show: Food for Thought 
August 21 – September 13, 2014 
Deadline for submissions:  Tuesday, July 1, 2014
What is on the mind of every starving artist? Food! 440 Gallery is seeking entries for their annual summer theme show; this year’s will explore food in all its manifestations from farm to table. The history of art is the history of food: ever since our ancestors depicted the hunt for dinner on the walls of caves, cuisine and culture have always met in art. Consider Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters, Edward Hopper’s Diner, and Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. In addition to depictions of edibles, artisans shape vessels and embroider linens for the preparation and service of our meals. Artists also confront current issues such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), factory farming and our national obesity epidemic. The exhibition will run from Thursday, August 21, through Saturday, September 13, 2014, with an opening reception on Thursday, August 21, 6:00-9:00 PM.   
Denton, TX
CALL FOR ENTRIES! Materials: Hard & Soft 2015
For details and forms
National Contemporary Craft
Competition and Exhibition
Greater Denton Arts Council
Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale Public Art (SPA) seeks artists interested in creating temporary installations, performance-based and participatory artworks in a variety of locations during SPA’s upcoming new fiscal year (July 2014 through June 2015). Selected artists will be held on a pre-qualified list to be potentially commissioned by SPA for temporary project opportunities throughout the 2015 fiscal year (FY15).
This is a new call to artists and selection process being adapted by SPA in order to best respond to an ever-increasing volume of temporary projects and event-based artworks. SPA anticipates 10-20 temporary project opportunities during FY15 to be offered to selected artists on the pre-qualified list resulting from this call to artists. The majority of these projects are planned for the next annual Canal Convergence event in February 2015 with an additional large scale opportunity at the Scottsdale Arts Festival in March 2015. Some additional project opportunities in new locations are in the process of being confirmed at this time.  
Venice, Italy
Venice Art Project
With the Patronage of the Veneto Region and the City of Venice, the Venice Printmaking Studio has established the Venice Art Project. The mission of this project is to contribute a broad cultural creative presence to the city of Venice by hosting international artists working and exhibiting in Venice, for the International Glass Biennial Exhibition.
Thank you for your interest in being a part of this international artistic project. Each accepted artist will spend three weeks in Venice, experiencing the city through painting, drawing, watercolour, printmaking, collage, or other graphic work. One chosen piece of each artist’s work will then be translated into a work of glass in collaboration with the glassmaster of Scuola del Vetro di Murano. During your stay you will be provided with accommodation in the Venice Art Project’s residency apartment.
You will have at your disposal a studio space set up according to the technique you will use, along with all materials necessary to realize the work. The maximum dimension of the works will be 80 x 100 cm (approx. 2.6 feet by 3 feet). All the works created will remain as property of the artist, including the translated glass-works, to be shipped to you at the end of the exhibition.
We are in the process of securing the famous historical environment of the Venice Arsenale to host The International Glass Biennial Exhibition opening in May 2015 at the Arsenale di Venezia. The exhibition will be limited to 40 artists. The artists will be invited in groups of five for three weeks starting immediately, April 23rd, 2014. The deadline for the completion of all works is February 1st, 2015.
Each edition will be organized by a museum curator; the first edition will be arranged by Courtney McNeil, Curator of the Telfair Museum in Savannah, Georgia, USA. As a sign of gratitude, the catalogue will dedicate a page to you and to the Institution that supports your participation in the Venice Art Project.
The participation in the project requires a contribution of €3,000 to cover the organization expenses: costs of work facilities and equipment, supplies, housing, glass foundry fees, and catalogue printing.
Artist’s travel expenses, meals, and shipping costs for artwork are not provided.
To apply, please submit the following materials to
– 10 jpeg images of your art
– CV or resume
Application materials are being accepted immediately. You will be notified via email regarding the status of your application. Upon notification of acceptance, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be due within 30 days. The remaining 50% fee will be due no later than 1 month prior to the start of your residency in Venice. (Please note, the fee is listed in EUROS).
The deadline for the completion of all work for the Venice Art Project is February 1, 2015.
 Email application materials to:
Norfolk, VA
BUDGET: $150,000
Deadline: June 19th
The Public Art Planning Committee seeks an artist to design and create artwork that will stimulate thought, conversation and inspire viewers.  Artwork should be botanically inspired, natural and organic and should demonstrate sustainability and an environmental message in a beautiful and meaningful way.  The committee is not necessarily looking for singular sculpture but artwork that can be experienced.
BUDGET: $60,000
Deadline: June 26th
The Public Art Planning Committee seeks an artist or team of artists to design and create artwork that will symbolize creativity and energy, connecting community in a fun, lively interactive way. We hope the artwork will be thought provoking and announce that this is a place to gather, connect and be artful.
BUDGET: $100,000
Deadline: May 30th

Kim Baraby Hurtle
Percent-for-Art Director
(406) 444-6639 
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