National Endowment for the Arts to Present Guidelines Webinar for Challenge America Fast-Track on April 2, 2014

National Endowment for the Arts to Present Guidelines Webinar for  Challenge America Fast-Track on April 2, 2014
Application Deadline is May 8, 2014
NEA’s Challenge America Fast-Track Director, Michael Killoren, will present a webinar on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET to help potential applicants navigate the application materials and process. There will be an overview presentation of CAFT guidelines, followed by a Q & A. 
Challenge America Fast-Track grants:
·        Extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations.
·        Are limited to 4 specific types of projects: arts event featuring a guest artist(s), public art, unified promotion, and design.
·        Are for a fixed amount of $10,000 and require a minimum $10,000 match.
·        Receive an expedited application review.
For more information and to register for the webinar, go to the NEA newsroom.
National Endowment for the Arts to Present Guidelines Webinar for Challenge America Fast-Track on April 2, 2014

March 2014 Updates from the NEA Office of Accessibility

March 2014 Updates from the NEA Office of Accessibility
SAA/RAO Accessibility Coordinator Peer Session at the Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability Conference. Save the date! In August the Office of Accessibility plans to repeat our successful Accessibility Coordinator Peer Session at the Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD) conference in Chicago, IL. The pre-conference session take place Sunday, August 3 from 1:00-5:00 p.m. CT and Monday, August 4, from 8:30 a.m.-12 noon CT. The LEAD conference will begin the afternoon of August 4 and run through the evening of August 6. We look forward to seeing you there!
VSA Funding Available for Organizations to Perform Arts, Education and Disability Programming.  The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Office of VSA and Accessibility, is seeking proposals from organizations  to carry out the following 8 (eight) VSA programs:  VSA Arts Connect All Professional Development Program,  VSA Arts Connect All Workshop/Residency Program, VSA Children’s Visual Art Discovery Program, VSA International Young Soloists: Music for Every Student Program, VSA Playwright Discovery Program, VSA Rosemary Kennedy Internship Program, VSA Museum Access for Kids Program, and VSA Performing Arts Access for Kids Program.  Contract amounts will vary but generally range between $3,000 and $30,000. Deadline is May 19, 2014.
NEA Funding Available through Challenge America Fast-Track.  Challenge America Fast-Track grants enable eligible entities, particularly those organizations that are small or mid-sized, to extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations—those demographics whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or disability. CAFT offers $10,000 matching grants for professional arts programming and for projects that emphasize the potential of the arts in community development.  Deadline is May 8, 2014.  For more information, register for the CAFT Guidelines Webinar occurring April 2, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. ET.
Best of luck to your Poetry Out Loud state champions at the National Finals!
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to let us know what is happening in your state., Beth Bienvenu at, or Katie Lyles Levy at
March 2014 Updates from the NEA Office of Accessibility

UC Gallery Art Call

I work at the University Center Gallery at University of Montana and we are having our art call for 2014-2015. Any way that you would be able to promote this would be greatly appreciated. For information regarding the art call see the attached file.
Here is the link to our website, also, where one will find the application:
Thank you for your consideration,
Abby Sweet
University Center Gallery
University of Montana
(406) 243-5564
UC Gallery Art Call

Artists March 26 2014

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                                PERFORMING ARTISTS, 
                                        AND WRITERS
Montana Arts Council Newsletter
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March 26 2014
Dear Artist, 
Greetings!  You may scroll down through the actual newsletter or simply click on the links to your favorite features in the adjoining sidebar. 
Apologies for the lateness of our e-news.  I’ve been ill.  I did find us a few items for my Food for Thought column.  Take a look and enjoy this season on the edge of spring.  
Thanks for reading, Kim
 About Place                               
The Artful Manager

Mar 06, 2014 11:23 am Andrew Taylor

Sarah Lutman, formerly of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and currently of the consulting world, shares an essential and compelling treatise on art and place, and the interplay between the two. She focuses on Minnesota Orchestra’s possible future, given its recent stormy past. But her framing is important for any arts organization. Best for you […]
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Citizens Institute on Rural Design Now Accepting Applications

Here’s an item of interest for folks who are active in rural community development:

The Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design (CIRD) recently released a call for proposals for a new round of funding. CIRD helps communities with populations of 50,000 or less to harness the power of design in their community planning economic development efforts. CIRD offers annual competitive funding to as many as four small towns to host community design workshops that link local leaders with teams of design, planning and creative placemaking experts. The application deadline for 2014 awards is May 6. CIRD, a design initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, is conducted in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Project for Public Spaces, the Orton Family Foundation and the CommunityMatters Partnership.

State arts agencies may wish to alert your rural partners and constituents to this opportunity, which could be of special interest to communities interested in starting cultural district programs or creative placemaking efforts. For more information
Eric Giles
Learning Services Manager
National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
202-347-6352 x 117
CIRD website 

National Endowment for the Arts to Present Guidelines Webinar for  Challenge America Fast-Track on April 2, 2014
Application Deadline is May 8, 2014

NEA’s Challenge America Fast-Track Director, Michael Killoren, will present a webinar on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET to help potential applicants navigate the application materials and process. There will be an overview presentation of CAFT guidelines, followed by a Q & A. 

Challenge America Fast-Track grants: 

  • Extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations. 
  • Are limited to 4 specific types of projects: arts event featuring a guest artist(s), public art, unified promotion, and design. 
  • Are for a fixed amount of $10,000 and require a minimum $10,000 match.
  •  Receive an expedited application review. For more information and to register for the webinar, go to the NEA newsroom.
Michael Killoren/Director
Local Arts Agencies / Challenge America Fast-Track
National Endowment for the Arts
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue – Suite 722
Washington, DC 20506
p: 202.682.5565/f: 202.682.5602
Arts Policy News
National Assembly of States Arts Agencies
Isaac Brown 
As March begins, there are several significant arts policy related developments to report.
NEA Chair
First and foremost, President Obama announced his intention to nominate Jane Chu to lead the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Chu currently serves as president and chief executive officer of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri. Chu’s nomination to head the agency comes at a critical time, as the NEA has operated without a chair since Rocco Landesman stepped down in December 2012. The process for Chu’s nomination is still a bit unclear. Over the next few weeks, she is expected to meet privately with members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, which has jurisdiction over her nomination. Depending on the result of those conversations, Senate leadership will determine whether to expedite the process for her approval. 
Published in: GIA Reader, Vol 25, No 1 (Winter 2014)
Ken Grossinger
“When conjuring up an idea I will be the first to admit I did play it a little ‘safe’ going for a Raven – Baltimore’s football mascot – but I feel the piece received a very positive response from the community. That was important to me since they are the ones who have to live with not only the eyesore of the building, but my semi-permanent installation as well. I created a mixed-media piece of a Raven building a nest. Wood slats from the building are held tightly in its grasp while ‘caution’ tape blows in the wind from its calling beak. Nether popped up the QR code and we were out in a couple hours.
“To our surprise, days later the QR code displaying the owners’ info had been torn down. Nether went and put it up again – it was later found torn down. About a week later demolition signs were put all over the property – did our project come to fruition? Nobody is quite sure, but I want to say ‘yes.’ The property was eventually demolished about two weeks after its set date. All and all, I am so glad for the neighborhood that those terrible buildings are gone.”
Montana NopProfit Association
Director’s Update: The View from the Table   by Liz Moore, Executive Director, MNA
Thanks to the collective voice of MNA’s more than 630 charitable nonprofit members – MNA has recently seen firsthand what it means to have a seat at the policy table at both the state and national levels.
In Montana:  Just before the bell rang to close out the 2013 legislative session, MNA learned of a decision made not by legislators, but by a district court judge, that potentially jeopardized the integrity of the nonprofit corporate structure and the concept of donor intent in Montana. This is not an exaggeration. The ramifications were immense for Montana’s nonprofit sector if the decision held. Read more… 
In Washington DC:  For the past several years – including 2012 and 2013 – many of you responded to various requests for information related to nonprofit/government contracts. Your efforts are paying off. Armed with information provided by you and your colleagues across the nation, the National Council of Nonprofits has been working closely with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in Washington DC. As a direct result of our collective efforts, in December, 2013 the federal government announced new guidelines that significantly overhaul the way government works with nonprofits in the grantmaking and contracting process. Read more…  
Visit the YAM website, view the art of many Montana artists, and learn more about the partnerships that make these three large-scale and scope exhibits happen. KBH

March 20, 2014 – August 20, 2014
“Is there a trend that distinguishes artistic practice in the northwestern states? “Un/Conscious Bent: A Survey of Regional Surrealism” examines one trend that is prevalent, that is, a surge of interest in surrealist image-making.
Un/Conscious Bent argues for a regional proclivity toward reflective reassessment of personal experience, and an inward-looking examination of the multi-faceted meanings of dreams, objects held dear, childhood assumptions, local stereotypes, life tragedies, and relationships with the charismatic animals that are part of the daily lives of artists in rural and semi-rural areas.

Participating artists include: Jean Albus, Bridger, MT; Adrian Arleo, Lolo, MT; Rick Bartow, Portland, OR; Garth Claasen, Boise, ID; Jane Waggoner Deschner, Billings, MT; Tom Foolery, Dillon, MT; Stephen Glueckert, Missoula, MT; Nancy Halter, Billings, MT; Pam Keeley, Seattle, WA; Sarah Knobel, Billings, MT; Sharon Kopriva, Sandpoint, ID/Houston, TX; George McCauley, Helena, MT; Richard Notkin, Helena, MT; Kay O’Rourke, Spokane, WA; Ellen Ornitz, Bozeman, MT; David Powers, Great Falls, MT; David Regan, Missoula, MT; Erin Robinson Grant, Portland, OR; Kathryn Schmidt, Bozeman, MT; SuttonBeresCuller – artist collaborative, Seattle, WA; Lynn Thorpe, Billings, MT; Tip Toland, Vaughn, WA; and Patti Warashina, Seattle, WA.”

 face to face

March 20, 2014 – August 24, 2014
“The list of artists participating in Face to Face is based upon each artist’s ability to stretch the definition of portraiture as much as for their deft ability and varying approaches to the genre. The group of artists is diverse and international in scope.

Participants are Wesley Anderegg, Dawoud Bey, Melissa Cooke, Patrick Duegaw, Michael Ferris, Jr., Scott Fife, Anne-Karin Furunes, John Giarrizzo, April Holder, Nina Katchadourian, Marcus Kenney, Adonna Khare, Steven Young Lee, Hung Liu, Marilyn Lysohir, Michael Mapes, Margaret Morrison, Edie Nadelhaft, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Sibylle Peretti, Mark Sijan, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Neal Ambrose Smith, Patrick Smith, Devorah Sperber, Maggie Taylor, Tip Toland, Willem Volkersz, Kehinde Wiley, Jinyoung Yu, and Brenda Zlamany.”

boundless visions

Telling the Story of Art in Montana
“The Yellowstone Art Museum is proud to present Boundless Visions, our new interactive exhibition featuring a choice selection of artwork directly from our rich permanent collections, which emphasize art from the mid-twentieth century to the present. This long-term exhibition is the only exhibition in Montana to tell the story of art in this region from its beginnings to the present day.
Boundless Visions examines four key themes that draw the diverse art of this region together: Understanding Place, Recognizing Connections, Tenacity, and Experiment. From the deeply inspiring presence of the land to the connections between east and west or Native and non-Native, the exhibition goes straight to the core of what inspires artists in Montana. For any lifelong or multi-generational Montanan, the theme of tenacity will make immediate sense; it has characterized the people of this area and the artists who have chosen to make this place home. Related to this is a willingness to experiment, to try something new until success is attained. These ideas lie at the heart of the success of our region’s ranchers and business owners as well as artists and writers. . .
This exhibition will serve as the framework through which different selections from the permanent collection will rotate regularly. Each year, new opportunities will arise to feature different artists or introduce a new array of interactive features. Boundless Visions opened on August 9, 2012″
Call For Cultural and Aesthetics Project Advisory Committee
Applications for membership on the Cultural and Aesthetic Project Advisory Committee will be accepted through May 1, 2014.  The Montana Arts Council makes half of the appointments to this committee, and the Montana Historical Society makes the other half.  The arts council looks for a broad range of professional arts expertise, and also geographic, racial and gender balance for the committee.  Obligations of the four-year terms include attending a 2-day panel meeting every other year and reviewing up to 100 grant applications online in preparation for that.  The next meeting is scheduled for October 13-14, 2014 in Helena.  If you are interested in being considered, please send a letter of interest and a resume or bio electronically to Kristin Han Burgoyne at by May 1, 2014. 
 Food For Thought
The Man, Not the Mythpink-blossoms-tree.jpg
‘Gauguin: Metamorphoses’  
at MoMA Goes Beyond Paintings
NY Times/Art & Design/Art Review
The Museum of Modern Art’s groundbreaking Gauguin exhibition may be the last of its kind. After decades of unstinting curatorial attention to artists from Manet to Seurat, how many more exhibitions can radically reshape our understanding of a major 19th-century French painter?. .
. . . .This exhibition essentially takes Gauguin’s art apart. It conveys a much more complicated sense of his artistry and its influences. It makes crystal clear that his interest in other, often preindustrial cultures – those in Africa, Asia, medieval Europe – was fundamental to the work of Picasso, especially after Gauguin’s second posthumous retrospective in Paris, in 1906, when Picasso was on the verge of changing history. Not surprisingly, you’ll glimpse more than a few early warning signs of Picasso’s great storm, “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” among Gauguin’s efforts. An even larger lesson for all artists of the 20th century and beyond is that art making itself is a process of exploration that accommodates, even welcomes, chance and accident, irresolution and ugliness, in which the medium is a large part of the message.
“Gauguin: Metamorphoses” is on view through June 8 at the Museum of Modern Art; 212-708-9400,
My co-worker, Emily Kohring offered the following article.  I second her emotion —-KBH
“I just have to share this story with all of you from Slate. It is one of the most incredible stories I have ever read about the power of art. “
The Art of Doing Time
By Kristin Hohenadel
Slate magazine/ 
MARCH 19 2014 1:00 PM

“Designboom tipped us off to a monumental feat of ingenuity, will, and resourcefulness by Jesse Krimes, a 31-year-old artist from Philadelphia who stealthily made a 39-panel mural piece by piece using contraband prison sheets, hair gel, plastic spoons, and New York Times clippings while serving a 70-month jail sentence that ended last September.

Krimes was sent to federal prison in 2009 for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, the year after he graduated with a B.A. in studio art from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. He spent his first year awaiting sentencing in a 22-hour-per-day lockdown in his cell, banned from venturing outside for fresh air or sunlight. To cope with the isolation and the shock of being a nonviolent drug offender in a medium security prison surrounded by Aryan Nations leaders, Russian mobsters, and other violent criminals, he started making art. . .
For More >>


Unique New Format for Art Television wins Emmy Award:
  Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop is a unique, lively and entertaining 13 half-hour high definition television series on art and painting that was broadcast nationally on PBS beginning in June, 2008. Our series provides a unique blend of art, history, travel, science, philosophy, and painting technique as David Dunlop uses his entertaining, integrative approach to make the artists and their art come alive – for the artist and the general viewer as well. This series offers entirely new and exciting television format for art and art history – the next generation of arts programming! We were thrilled that our unique, new format has received the television industry’s highest broadcast honors – an 2009 Emmy® Award and a CINE Golden Eagle Award for excellence in Film and Television Production.
Our goal was to provide a new way of presenting the contextualization of art by examining the who, where, why and how of an important artist and his art.  This series explores the key moments in the artist’s life, the artistic traditions from which he emerged, the contemporaneous artistic, philosophical and scientific developments that influenced his work and important historical events of the times.   By combining these disparate elements with a demonstration by David of the actual painting techniques used by the artist at the same location where he painted, we believe our series provides a unique, informative perspective for the artist as well as the general public.  When you look at a painting in a museum,  what was the story about the artist and what the artist was doing or trying to do with that painting that makes it interesting, exciting and even relevant to the viewer?
A review from:  ArtNews
* Note:  Episodes are available on CREATE television from Public Television or by purchasing from the artist’s website KBH 
 Creative Capital
March Webinars
Spring is just around the corner! We are pleased to share with you our upcoming March webinars. Highlights this month include anfields-sky-sm.jpg interview with NYC gallerist Kat Griefen of Accola Griefen Gallery and a new webinar, Authentic Branding, with creative strategist Maxine Lapiduss. We hope you’ll join us!
Thursday, March 27, 7:00-8:30pm EST
More Information >>
Register Now >>
Webinars are $25 each.
All webinars are interactive and allow time for participants to ask questions.
To participate, all you need is access to a computer with speakers and an Internet connection (hard-wired preferred). There is no special software needed.

Interested but can’t attend? All registered participants will receive access to a recording of that webinar.   

NEA – National Endowment for the Arts
Grant Guidelines and Webinars
We have completed the Art Works discipline-specific guidelines webinars. To review the archives, see the complete listing
wooly-bell-sheep.jpgWhere Many Us Go for Technical Information on Paints:  Golden Paints and their newsletter: Just Paint  See their latest issue #30
Published by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
Check Art Calls at:
Digital Media Arts 
Literary Arts
Multidisciplinary Arts 
Performing Arts 
Visual Arts
General Opportunities
The National Arts Program — click to view magazine
Art Daily  Click to view magazine
The First Art Newspaper on the Net
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Bored Panda website   Needing some inspiration?  Try this online magazine:  It is full of the most unusual artistic ideas. 
Check out a job opening! The Native Arts & Cultures Foundation in Vancouver, WA are looking for an experienced program officer. The job description can be found on their website at: the link above.
Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, Inc.  in Bozeman, MT Posts Vacancy:
Job Title:  Curator of Exhibits & Education
 See Full Job Description Here:  Emerson Curator
Read about job openings through Western States Art Federation website
Musical America has job opportunities for artists and other disciplines:
 Calls for Visual Artists
College Board Seeks  Applications for 2014  yellow-pitcher-flowers.jpg
College Board Award for Excellence in the Arts
POSTED: MARCH 13, 2014
Grants of up to $7,500 will be awarded in recognition of schools that have implemented an arts program that promotes student learning and creativity in grades 6-12.
Aaron Siskind Foundation Invites Applications for 2014 Individual Photographer’s Fellowships
POSTED: MARCH 10, 2014
DEADLINE: MAY 23, 2014
Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to support artists/photographers who demonstrate a serious commitment to photography and who are professionally active in the field.
Harpo Foundation Invites Applications From Under-Recognized Visual Arts
Grants of up $10,000 will be awarded to support under-recognized visual artists of any age….
HARPO Foundation
Deadline for non-profit organizations to submit letters-of-inquiry is April 22, 2014. New Work Project Grants are made to non-profit organizations in support of new work by under-recognized artists of any age. This production may happen in the context of an installation, public intervention, residency, or exhibition. Project grant funds must be used for costs in direct support of new work by the proposed artist, including artist honorarium. For eligibility details and application guidelines,  
Deadline for artists to apply is May 6, 2014. The Grants for Visual Artists award provides direct support to under-recognized artists of any age. Grants are made to support the development of artists’ work and a grantee may use their award to support any activity toward that purpose. 
24th International Sculpture Conference: Sculpture, Culture, and Community
The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is seeking panel proposals for the 24th International Sculpture Conference: Sculpture, Culture, and Community, in New Orleans, LA from October 1-4, 2014. The ISC is seeking a diverse and comprehensive program, covering topics relevant to sculpture today. The year’s bi-annual conference will focus on contemporary sculpture’s influence on culture and community, and topics submitted should fall into the following categories:
Artistic Vision and Community Engagement
Building and Rebuilding
“Art is Long; Life is Short”
Thinking Outside the Box
Inhabit: The Innovation of Livable Art
Does it have to Last: Temporal Sculpture
Artistic Process in a Current Landscape
Other panels relevant to the working artist
All panel proposals must be submitted electronically. No faxed or mailed abstracts will be accepted. The deadline for submission is April 11, 2014. All late proposals will be automatically placed on a waiting list.
To submit a panel proposal or for more information on the 24th International Sculpture Conference14.
Washington Printmakers Gallery
is pleased to announce:
Call for Entries: National Small Works 2014
This exhibition is open to any artist 18 years of age or older residing in the continental United States. Submitted prints must be no larger than 170 square inches (image) and no wider than 18 inches (frame).

Juried by
Jack Rasmussen
Director and Curator, American University Museum at the Katzen
First Prize: Solo exhibition at WPG in August 2015
Second Prize: $200 gift certificate presented by
Graphic Chemical & Ink, Co.
Third Prize: $100 gift certificate presented by
Renaissance Graphic Arts
Entries are due May 31, 2014. Fully online entry process!
Exhibition runs 30 July – 31 August 2014
Visit our website or download the prospectus for full details.
Contact:Damon Arhos
Director, Washington Printmakers Gallery
Washington Printmakers Gallery
Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, 2nd Floor | 8230 Georgia Ave | Silver Spring, MD 20910
301.273.3660 |

Missoula, MT     
The University Center Gallery
at University of Montana is having our art call for 2014-2015. Any   Here is the link to our website for more information and where one will find the application 
Abby Sweet
University Center Gallery   For More information:  UC Gallery
University of Montana
(406) 243-556 
Bismarck, ND  
I have attached the entry/registration form for our 3rd annual Square Foot Show.  This is a unique show that is open to adult artists.  We supply a 12″ by 12″ canvas and artists return them for exhibition in our show.  Since this is our 3rd year, we are hoping to add to the number of states that we have represented in the show.  
Sherry Niesar/ 
Program Director
Bismarck Art & Galleries Association
422 E. Front Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58504
Fax 701-223-8960
Montana Arts Council Announces 
Next Round of MAP Workshops Opens for Signup
The Montana Artrepreneurship Program (MAP), with a four-year track record of successes that include building a network of artists and helping artists increase their income from art by 150% has opened for signup in 13 Montana areas. 
Bozeman, MT
Sweet Pea Festival 2014 Announces Poster Contest, T-shirt Contest and Arts & Crafts Show Artist Applications
Sweet Pea Festival 2014 announces its annual poster and T-shirts contests. Details of guidelines and application process can be found online at this link. Grand Prize: $1,000
Entry deadline: Friday, April 25th, 7 p.m.
Contact: Rebecca McClellan
Silver Foundation Grants $90,000 for Art Representing the Transformation of Missoula’s Largest Industrial Site into a Riverside Park
MISSOULA MT Jan 24, 2014—-Silver Park is coming to life! After a decade, the collaborative plan for fifteen acres along the Clark Fork River, once part of the biggest industrial complex in Missoula, is fulfilling its promise to be an incredible space for outdoor enthusiasts and artists, alike. The Silver Foundation has stepped forward to partner with The Missoula Public Art Committee, a volunteer assembly of business, cultural and civic leaders, to finish the recreational space with commissioned sculptures to celebrate the renewal of what is known as the “old mill site” with its important industrial past.
Two submission calls for sculpture designs will go out in early April. Interested artists should consult Missoula’s Public Art Committee webpage to learn more. 
Missoula, MT  
Two Calls for Public Art 
Call to Artists: Traffic Signal Box Project 
City of Missoula Public Art Committee Missoula, Montana
Submittal Deadline: Friday, May 30, 2014
 Open to artists in Missoula County.  We are also having an Artist’s Informational Meeting for this project . . .Attached is the marketing piece
Pineview Park:  The City of Missoula Public Art Committee 
invites you to submit a design proposal 
for a public art piece at 
Pineview Park, Missoula, Montana. 
This is an open invitation to artists in 
Western Montana. 
Proposals must be received by :
FRIDAY, MAY 23 2014                                                          
The Havre Area Chamber of Commerce seeks artists and crafters for the 31st Annual Festival of Arts & Crafts during Havre Festival Days weekend, September 20th-21st.  Contact Shari at (406) 265-4383, email at, or check the website at for an online application.  Deadline is August 1, 2014.
Shari J. Robinson
Office Manager/Havre Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 308/130 5th Avenue
Havre, MT  59501
(406) 265-4383/(406) 265-7748 (fax)
Calls for Performing Artists
SDCF to Provide Two Grants to American Colleges
Deadline to apply May 5, 2014 at 11:59 pm eastern time  pale-pink-tulips.jpg
The Stage Directors and Choreographers Workshop Foundation, Inc. (SDCF) announces a call for proposals for the SDCF Guest Artist Initiative Program, a grant program for American colleges and universities to fund and facilitate the hiring of professional stage directors and choreographers as Guest Artists.  Through this program, SDCF has already funded eight productions across the country and has facilitated several additional productions.
Interested schools may apply by submitting a completed application form for a production to SDCF.  An SDCF panel comprised of professional directors and choreographers, arts administrators, and college educators will select the productions to be awarded grants.  SDCF will furnish up to $6,000 to be shared by at least two schools. 
To be eligible for this grant, the project must be produced by an American college or university located in the United States, be mounted by December 31, 2015, and be fully funded.  It is not required for the producing school to have hired guest artists in the past.  Projects for which the Guest Artist has already been selected are ineligible.  
Eligible schools interested in applying for the SDCF Guest Artist Initiative Program can download the Guest Artist Initiative Application and Guidelines at beginning March 10, 2014.  Submissions will be accepted anytime thereafter until May 5, 2014 at 11:59pm eastern time.  We encourage early application as no applications will be accepted after this date.  The selected schools will be notified by June 16, 2014. If requested, basic feedback will be given by SDCF staff on any proposal draft received by April 25, 2014.
For further information on this program including guidelines and application form or information on other SDCF programs, please visit at  Please contact Ellen Rusconi, Producing Director, with any questions regarding eligibility, guidelines and application process at  or 646-524-2226. 
My name is Vanessa Porter and I am currently launching the Green Dot Journey Composer Competition. I am getting the word out and thought that your Arts Council/Organization may have composers in your network that might be interested in submitting a composition. I’ve included information about the competition in the link below.   I am also sending postcards to pass out to folks that might be interested.

There will be 10 winners, one from each of 10 US and Canadian regions.   The winning pieces, written for violin and piano, will be premiered in my hometown of Reno, NV in August and then performed on the Green Dot Journey starting September 1, 2014. The Green Dot Journey is an art gallery and house concert tour across the scenic roads of North America and Canada. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please let me know if you have any questions!   
Vanessa Porter ~ 775-342-9395
Concerts in Scenic Locations for Intimate Audiences
We’re now casting a new season of Project Runway! Season 13 casting became Project Runway: Under the Gunn, so we’re excited to see what designers have to show us for Season 13 (Redux)!    I’d love to hear which up-and-coming designers are on your radar. 
We’re excited to offer designers the chance to showcase their work during New York Fashion Week, and the opportunity to win $100,000 or more to launch or expand their own fashion line. 
The application deadline is April 14, 2014. Applicants can learn more and download the application 
The TourWest application cycle is now open. The TourWest 2014-2015 grant program application period begins on January 22, 2014. The application deadline is Tuesday, April 1, 2014, at midnight MST. We are sending you the attached announcement to share with your constituents who may be interested in applying.  PLEASE see the Tour West link for more information about applying. 
TourWest is a competitive grant program that provides subsidies to arts and community organizations for the presentation of out-of-state touring performers and literary artists.
Andy Thomas
Information Specialist
The Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)
1743 Wazee St. Ste. 300  Denver, CO 80202  T 303.629.1166  F 303.629.9717
WESTAF website
Calls for Writers
Suggest some Montana Reading Venues to
Poets & Writers Magazine
Best Reading Venues in the USA 
Poets & Writers is developing a new database of venues that host readings, and we need your help to make sure that we’ve included all of the most important venues. Please let us know the one reading venue in your city or town without which our database would not be complete. It might be a nonprofit literary center, a bookstore, a café or bar, or something altogether different.

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Artists March 26 2014

University Center Gallery Call

I work at the University Center Gallery at University of Montana and we are having our art call for 2014-2015. Any way that you would be able to promote this would be greatly appreciated. For information regarding the art call see the attached file.
Here is the link to our website, also, where one will find the application:
Thank you for your consideration,
Abby Sweet
University Center Gallery
University of Montana
(406) 243-5564
University Center Gallery Call

Arts Education March 19 2014

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 Arts Education News
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March 19, 2014
It’s been a busy couple of weeks with our Poetry Out Loud State Finals, and a trip to Los Angeles to the Western States Arts Federation Symposium on Creativity and Innovation in Public Innovation.  The Symposium was a very interesting gathering of researchers and thought leaders dialoguing about the role that creativity might play in transforming public education.  I wrote about some of the most interesting ideas I heard on the Big Sky Arts Education blog
I also had a wonderful time at Capital High School on Monday watching Companhia Urbana, a young hip-hop dance troupe from Rio, working with the P. E. classes.  The dancers got every single student and teacher up on their feet dancing in a short amount of time, and I dare say it was probably the most fun they had ever had in gym class!  Companhia Urbana is being hosted by the Myrna Loy Center this week, and if you are in Helena you can catch their public performance on Friday night at the Myrna
Below you will also find links to opportunities, resources, advocacy, research and articles of interest to arts educators and advocates.  Click on anything underlined and it will take you to the link. 
Don’t forget you can also follow the Big Sky Arts Education blog here and get daily news and information about arts learning from my Twitter feed @BigSkyArtsEd
Cheers, Emily
In the Spotlight:  Artists in Schools and Communities FY15 Grant Cycle Opens Soon! 
Grants for Arts Learning Projects Starting July 1, 2014
The Montana Arts Council will begin taking applications for its FY15 Artists in Schools and Communities grant program on April 15, 2014.  Grants will be available to Montana schools, arts organization and other community organizations with not-for-profit status for arts learning projects that strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills in the arts. 
Artists in Schools and Communities Grant updated guidelines for projects occurring between July 1, 2014-June 30-2015 will be posted on the MAC website by early April.  The grant application process is online.  Grant requests may be made for amounts up to $10000 and require a 1:1 cash match.  Please contact Director of Arts Education Emily Kohring at (406) 444-6522 or with questions. 
Poetry Out Loud State Champion Crowned
The Poetry Out Loud State Finals were held March 8 at the Myrna Loy Center in Helena after being delayed a week due to the blizzard that hit Montana in early March.  Eighteen finalists competed from across the state for the opportunity to represent Montana in the National Finals in April in Washington DC.  Congratulations to our 2014 State Champion, Sowmya Sudhaker from Butte High School, and runners-up Darcie Caldwell and Savannah Smith, both from Helena High School.  We wish Sowmya the best of luck at the National Finals.  Read more about Sowmya on the Big Sky Arts Ed blog
Upcoming Professional Development Opportunity for Montana Teachers and Teaching Artists
Autism and the Arts Workshop for Educators to be held in Conrad
VSA Montana, with support from the Montana Arts Council, will present “Working in the Arts with Children on the Autism Spectrum,” a professional development workshop for K-12 educators, in Conrad at Conrad High School on Saturday, April 5.  This full-day workshop is free and intended for teachers, both arts and non-arts, teaching artists, staff of arts organizations and paraprofessionals. For more information about the workshop, click here. 
To register, contact Cynthia Wood, Executive Director of VSA Montana, (406) 549-2984.
Glacier National Park and the Glacier National Park Conservancy are accepting art submissions from sixth through twelfth grade students for the annual park pass artwork contest.  The winning art will be displayed on the 2015 Glacier National Park Annual Park Pass. 
 Students are encouraged to submit art that focuses on the natural resources protected and preserved in the park.  Each entry must include original artwork.  Entries will be judged on the use of color, and design and accuracy of a scene that depicts one or more natural resource of the park.  The deadline to submit artwork is April 11.  Visit the park’s webpage for more information and an application, or contact the park at 406-888-7800. 
Nominate your favorite Montana music teacher for the Grammy Music Educator Award!  The winning teacher will receive $10,000 as well as a $10,000 contribution to his or her school.  The deadline for applications is March 31st.  Last year 66 Montana teachers were nominated–let’s double that this year! 
 The College BoardAward for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts celebrates the achievements of arts initiatives for students in grades 6-12 that promote learning and creativity in exemplary and innovative ways. Awards will be given to model programs in three categories: Arts Integration, Equity Through Arts, Civic Engagement/Professional Partnership. Within each of these three categories, one award in the amount of $5,000 will be given to winning schools to support the continuation and growth of their arts programs. Among the three winning schools, one will be named the national winner and will be awarded an additional $2,500. 
Teaching artists around the country are invited to join the Lifetime Arts Creative Aging Roster is a free online directory of professional teaching artists – peer vetted and qualified to design and deliver instructional arts programs for older adults. Searchable by arts discipline, geographic location and languages spoken, the Roster is available to anyone interested in engaging teaching artists for creative aging programs.
Summer Institutes: Teaching the Humanities through Art
The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC is hosting two week-long institutes to be held June 23-27 and July 28-August 1, 2014. Core subject teachers for grades 6-12 may apply as individuals or as part of a team. Registration is $200 per participant. Graduate credits, scholarships, and low-cost housing accommodations are available. Applications are due Monday, March 31, 2014.
The Community Arts Education Leadership Institute (CAELI) provides an intensive, transformative experience through which current and aspiring leaders advance their skills by engaging with top leadership trainers and nationally known practitioners. It is ideally suited for those in executive positions or preparing to move into such positions.
The seven-month program includes a five-day seminar at Bryn Mawr College (Philadelphia, PA), advanced assignments, a 360-degree feedback process, and follow-up coaching. 
The application deadline is Wednesday, April 9, 2014.
Advocacy and Research
While every day is a chance to support arts in our nation’s schools, the month of March unfolds with exciting activities around the country showcasing the importance of the arts to a well-rounded education. Check out the U.S. Department of Education’s special blog post on Arts in the Schools Month.
Out-of-school programs that develop the creative capacities of young people are uniquely positioned to drive civic and social progress in their communities, according to new research. The research report, Setting the Agenda, is drawn from surveys of more than 150 youth arts, humanities, and science programs nationwide.
Articles of Interest for Arts Educators 
Montana’s Poet Laureate Tami Haaland speaks about the importance of access to the arts at an early age in a recent article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.   
In public-policy battles over arts education, you might hear that it is closely linked to greater academic achievement, social and civic engagement, and even job success later in life. But what about the economic value of an arts education?  New research shows arts education is helping fuel economic growth. 
Psychology Today recently published an interesting article featuring guest columnist Peter Smagorinsky, PhD. who is a Distinguished Research Professor of English Education at the University of Georgia. Smagorinsky opines that kids need drama to explore the social environment of human development, which lets them practice being part of a group instead of focusing on the individual.
During the week of March 10-15, leaders from the field of arts education tackled the complex topic of Teaching Artists on ARTSblog. This blog salon will explored the role of teaching artists in the ecosystem of arts education, the convergence of arts education and other core academic subjects, best practices for organizations and teaching artists in relation to each other, and examples of teaching artistry at its finest from across the country. 
Not specifically about arts education, but it’s remarkable how many of the things that motivate students to learn are things that high-quality arts learning does naturally. 
 Job Opportunities
Big Sky Film Institute seeks Executive Director
The Big Sky Film Institute in Missoula is seeking applications for the position of Executive Director.  See full job description and how to apply here.  Deadline is March 21. 
Mississippi Arts Commission seeks Arts Education Director
Click here to see full job description and how to apply. 
Principal, Noel Community Arts School, Denver
Click here to see full job description and how to apply.
The Montana Arts Council is the agency of state government established to develop the creative potential of all Montanans, advance education, spur economic vibrancy and revitalize communities through involvement in the arts.
Emily Kohring
Director of Arts Education
Montana Arts Council / (406) 444-6522
Twitter: @BigSkyArtsEd
Arts Education March 19 2014