Arts Organizations from MAC 6-26-13

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Below you will find information on:
·        WEBINARS
GrantStation: Webinar – Funding Rural America – Finding New Grants for Small Communities, Thursday, July 18, 2013.
Montana Nonprofit Association: HR Webinar Series: Four Wednesdays in July — 12:00-1:00pm
New Hire Orientation: Effective Hiring & Retention — July 10
A Little Respect Goes a Long Way — July 17
Pain Free Performance Appraisals — July 24
Discipline & Termination in Montana — July 31
Arts Reach:“Success Factors for Sustainable Growth” is the theme for the next National Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conference in San Francisco October 24-26.
From GrantStation: Reach Your Target Audience – Increase Attendance, Sales, and Membership!
GrantStation’s Partner Depot Advertising Program
GrantStation: Support for Education, Environment, and Economic Development in Montana
The PPL Montana Community Fund provides support to nonprofit organizations, schools and school districts, and colleges and universities throughout Montana. The company’s community grants are made in three program areas: The Education category focuses on arts and science instruction in schools, as well as programming for before and after school programs. The Environment category supports projects designed to improve the environment or promote public health. The Economic Development category funds programs that enhance Montana communities to make them appealing for business relocation or expansion. The upcoming application deadline is July 31, 2013. Visit the company’s website to submit an online application.
GrantStation: Contemporary Visual Arts Programs Funded – The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
The purpose of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts is to foster innovative artistic expression and the creative process by supporting cultural organizations that, in turn, support artists and their work. The Foundation is focused primarily on encouraging work of a challenging and experimental nature, while noting that the interpretation of those terms may vary from place to place and culture to culture. Grants are provided to curatorial programs at museums, artists’ organizations, and other cultural institutions to originate innovative and scholarly presentations of contemporary visual arts. Projects may include exhibitions, catalogues, and other relevant activities. The Foundation has designated one of its grants, The Wynn Kramarsky Freedom of Artistic Expression Award, to recognize the work of organizations with a deep-seated commitment to defending the First Amendment rights of artists. The next postmark deadline for proposals to the Foundation is September 1, 2013. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the grant guidelines.
National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA): VSA is now accepting proposals from qualified arts organizations to execute a variety of programming – from the Rosemary Kennedy Internship Opportunity to program funding in the visual and performing arts. Contact Sonja Cendak, Assistant Manager, Artist Services, VSA / Accessibility Department, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts(202) 416-8823 (direct line)
Submission deadline July 31, 2013
Job Opening: VP Marketing & Communication
The Vice President of Marketing & Communication is responsible for creating interest, demand, and recognition for Walton Arts Center and its products through the use of all marketing vehicles including PR, product marketing, creative services, advertising, strategic relationships, and other methods. The VP of Marketing is charged with ensuring long-term audience growth and serves as a member of the senior management team.
Job Opening: Executive Director
The chamber orchestra Mercury, beginning its 13th season in September 2013, is one of Houston’s most respected and vibrant cultural organizations. Mercury’s Executive Director reports to the Chair of the Board of Directors and is the senior leader responsible for all aspects of Mercury’s management and operations. The Executive Director maintains a daily, collaborative working relationship with Mercury’s Artistic Director and is a visible, active member of Houston’s civic community.
NEA Art Works Blog: We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share their favorite piece of arts-related social media advice. Here’s what they had to say.
NEA Art Works Blog: Matthew Fluharty from Art of the Rural reports back from the Rural Arts and Culture Summit
NEA Blue Star Museums Blog: A look at how four museums are using digital apps to enhance the visitor experience.
From Nonprofit Quarterly: It appears that some categories of recipients have seen legitimate gains over the last year, recovering from the cratering caused by the recession. Giving to the arts, for instance, looks like it may be recovering…
National Arts Marketing Project Newsletter:  Subscriptions Going Bust…or Are They?
Terry Teachout, the drama critic at The Wall Street Journal, suggested a few weeks ago a correlation between regional theater’s “play-it-safe” programming strategies and the collapse of the American theater subscription.
National Arts Marketing Project Newsletter:  WHAT WE’RE READING
How to Create a Disney-Like Addiction to Your Company
Lessons from a Branding Powerhouse

Artists Reinventing the Museum
A Google Art Talk with Sam Durant

Framing the Story
TED Radio Hour Takes on the Art of Storytelling

The Museum That Turned Its Lobby Into a Flea Market
“Take One / Leave One” Exhibit Allows Visitors to Play Curator

Facebook Adds Hashtags
And Everything Old Becomes Newer Again

Crowdfunding Finds a Creative Outlet
The Power of People

Fractured Atlas:  New Models, New Frontiers, New Strategies
With the introduction of new technology allowing unprecedented connection between creators and consumers, artists are quickly discovering more democratic, accessible, and innovative ways to create, produce, and fund the creation of their art.
Blue Avocado: Board Café Articles
Cinda Holt
Business Development Specialist
Montana Arts Council
514 Winters Lane
Stevensville, MT 59870
406.777.1777 fax

Arts Organizations from MAC 6-26-13

Arts Educators: from MAC June 26, 2013

Dear Arts Educators,
Hope your summer is going great!  Here are postings for this issue.  You’ll note that I am abbreviating listing info hoping that is eases readability.  Just let me know if you’d like me to add more info.  Anything that is underlined is now a link.  Thanks so much!  Arni
Arlynn Fishbaugh, Executive Director, Montana Arts Council,;  406-444-6546
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·        Director of Arts Education for the Montana Arts Council:  Do you know someone who would be interested? 
The position listing closes Monday, July 8.
Great Reading
·        National Endowment for the Arts’ new report NEA Arts: Engaged and Empowered—The Importance of Arts Education
·        Mural Arts Program Turns Graffiti INto Public Arts Education ProgramPhiladelphia, world-class artists and students/teachers create 3,800 murals
·        SNAAP DataBrief Looks at Artist Employment amongst 36,000 college arts graduates from 66 institutions
Calls for Entry
·        Film Northwest 2013 Call for Entry for the youth media community ages 13-19.  Free to Enter.
Deadline:  August 1, 2013
That’s it for this issue.  Have a great 4thof July!
Arlynn (Arni) Fishbaugh, Executive Director
Montana Arts Council
PO Box 202201,Helena,MT 59620
Arts Educators: from MAC June 26, 2013

Artists June 27 2013

Dear Artists,
Below you will find several items of general interest and job opportunities, webinars, and arts advocacy followed by calls and opportunities for visual artists, performing artists and writers.
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Below you will find the following opportunities and calls for Visual Artists, Performing Artists and Writers:
  • Job Opportunity: Montana Arts Council Director of Arts Education
  • RFQ (Request for Qualifications) MSU – Gaines Hall Building
  • For Visual Artists: Lumina- Multimedia Submissions and Logo Contest!
  • For Filmmakers: Film contest:2013 Curator and Ruminate Short Film & Video Art Competition
  • Mystery Build 2013!  — A contest
  • WESTAF’s CaFÉ system recently released a new “Letters of Reference” feature
  • Now Available: The Profitable Artist
  • For Performing Artists: Call for Proposals, The Geats’ Cup
  • Flagstaff Dance Intensive
  • For Performers: Missoula Fringe Festival
  • For Writers: Lumina-Multimedia Submissions and Logo Contest!
  • For Writers: Film contest: 2013 Curator and Ruminate Short Film & Video Art Competition
  • Poets & Writers magazine: Agents & Editors
State of the Arts
Montana artists can receive a free subscription to the Montana Arts Council’s State of the Artsnewspaper by simply clicking through the following link; Online and out-of-state hard-copies are also available.
Best, Kim
Rome Prize
American Academy in Rome Invites Applications for Rome Prize
The Rome Prize, which includes housing and a stipend for fellowships of six or eleven months, is annually awarded to thirty emerging artists and mid-career arts/humanities scholars who exemplify the highest standard of excellence….
Fellows are chosen from the disciplines of architecture, design, historic preservation and conservation, landscape architecture, literature, musical composition, visual arts, ancient studies, medieval studies, Renaissance and Early Modern studies, and Modern Italian studies.
Posted on June 19, 2013
Deadline: November 1, 2013
The Toolbox
Reporting from the Field
Survey Says: Businesses Are
Supporting the Arts
AMERICANS FOR THE ARTS just released The BCA Report: 2013
National Survey of Business Support for the Arts.
            A total of 600 businesses—divided equally into small, medium, and
large revenue groups—completed surveys about arts giving. . .
July 1, 2013PLEASE TAKE THIS SURVEY I am writing my dissertation on
the art marketplace. I have created a survey and interview
questions. I would like to send these to anyone in the arts. I will
send you a consent form for your review. When you return the consent
form I will send you the survey. Your name will not be shared with
anyone. No fees. Details: 410-632-0278 or,
Sep 15, 2013MACDOWELL COLONY FELLOWSHIPS Available to artists of
exceptional talent, providing time, space, and an inspiring
environment in which to do creative work. A Fellowship consists of
exclusive use of a private studio, accommodations, and three prepared
meals a day for two weeks to two months. There is no cost for a
Fellowship; travel funds and stipends are available to
artists-in-residence based on need. Application fee. Details:
New Models, New Frontiers, New Strategies
The arts and culture sector is in desperate need of a new paradigm.. For too long, large artistic institutions have absorbed a disproportionate amount of resources and have overshadowed the work of fellow art makers in the cultural ecosystem.
With the introduction of new technology allowing unprecedented connection between creators and consumers, artists are quickly discovering more democratic, accessible, and innovative ways to create, produce, and fund the creation of their art.
Scott Walters(Director of CRADLE) predicts that the next frontier in arts innovation is not in the space or form, but rather, the business model. Pointing to innovations like crowdfunding or the increasingly inventive pricing models of the video game industry, Walters argues that new models are a much needed inevitability. 
Need some pricing inspiration? Professors Sandeep Baliga and Jeff Ely of Northwestern University discuss new effective pricing strategies with Harvard Business Review’s blog.
Finally, Arts leader and researcher Diane Ragsdalereminds us that as we discover new business models, we must remember that market forces often encourage us to make less moral decisions. “Though we may be in it, we are not to be of this market-driven world.” Ragsdale urges artists to continue finding the balance between economics and ethics.
Dear Readers:
            I recently encountered a constituent who didn’t understand the numbers and the abbreviations (KB/kb) and (MB/mb) after files attached to an email.  I decided to find a primer for those who might like to see how equivalents work in the computer world.  Generally speaking one can’t send an email with more than 10MB total in one email.  A combination of text files and images up to 10 MB is acceptable by those with high speed downloads to their computer, but with dial-up connections and slower Internet speeds it is better to stay at 500 KB or less.  Even I am trying to learn new ways to send out more information using less Kilobytes and Megabytes and still provide key information.  KBH

· 1 Bit = Binary Digit
· 8 Bits = 1 Byte
· 1000 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte
· 1000 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte
· 1000 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte
· 1000 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte
· 1000 Terabytes = 1 Petabyte
· 1000 Petabytes = 1 Exabyte –
· 1000 Exabytes = 1 Zettabyte
· 1000 Zettabyte = 1 Yottabyte
· 1000 Yottabyte = 1 Brontobyte
Now let’s go into a little more detail. 
ArtWorks – National Endowments for the Arts
The Best Social Media Advice I Ever Received Was….
June 11, 2013
by Paulette Beete
We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share the best arts social media advice they’ve received to date. Have something to add to the list? Leave us a comment!
Montana Arts Council Director of Arts Education
July 8 deadline to apply
RFQ (Request for Qualifications) MSU – Gaines Hall Building
Montana State University Bozeman, Montana
Quick Facts
Who: U.S. Residents
What: Request for Artistic Qualifications: Offer a Resume and Portfolio
When: Applications open: April 17th, 2013 – July 17th, 2013
Where:  Multiple sites are possible; interior and exterior. Permanent installation at the Gaines Hall Building on the Montana State University Campus, Bozeman, Montana. Selection committee will consider a new commission, ready-to-install and/or modify for the site(s).
How: Online application process via
How Much: Art Budget: up to $76,400.00
Semi-Finalist Awards: $1200.00 for up to three (3) artists, or 406-444-6639for questions concerning the project
DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013, 11:59 p.m. M.D.T.
Receipt deadline.
Multimedia Submissions and Logo Contest!
Posted on June 17, 2013 by slclumina
LUMINA has two ground-breaking and exciting announcements today. The first is a call for submissions for our first ever Multimedia Issue, and the second an official logo contest.
Film contest:
2013 Curator and Ruminate Short Film & Video Art Competition
            Ruminate Magazine is pleased to partner with our friends at The Curator in co-hosting a competition for contemporary artists who create work with moving images. We invite submissions in two categories: short film and video/ or alternative time-based media. The winning video and film will be shown at IAM Inhabit, the annual gathering for people interested in beauty, faith, and art, and stills from the winning video and film will be published in Ruminate Magazine. We look forward to reviewing your work!
Mystery Build 2013!
The Theme: “Re-Invent a Work of Art”
Mystery Build is offering $15,000 in cash awards
The Challenge:
Create a work of art using ONLY the materials in a Mystery Build Kit. Upload photos and/or videos of what you make to compete for cash prizes. The theme for this year’s contest is
“Re-Invent a Work of Art”
The Twist:
You don’t know what’s inside the kit! While the specific materials will be unknown to you at the time of purchase, you can expect to find some common sculpting materials like wood, clay, metal, fiber, and plenty more!
All Mystery Build Kits contain the same materials.
The Payoff:
Fortune and Fame. Judges and voters will select the winners of $15,000 in cash awards! Winning artists get nationwide exposure on our website!
Participate in the Challenge!
 Purchase your art mystery kit:  $38.00
Get $5.00 off with Coupon Code: ARTNETWORK2013
Submission Deadline: October 20, 2013
exhibit, for patients, families, friends and staff, intended to offer
encouragement and shed light on the human experience. Open to all
artists, mediums, and styles. No entry fee. For prospectus contact the
program manager: 617-726-4808 OR
WESTAF’s CaFÉ system recently released a new “Letters of Reference” feature, which allows organizations to accept formal letters of reference and letters of recommendation as part of their application requirements. With this new capability, CaFÉ can now be used for graduate school portfolio admissions, grant, fellowship, and scholarship awards–as well as any other application process in which formal letters of reference may be required. For more information about this new feature, contact
Now Available:
The Profitable Artist
“We are excited to bring The Profitable Artistto the wider artistic community, reaching professors, career advisors in the arts, as well as industry leaders. This guide compiles a wealth of information for artists of all disciplines, gathered by arts professional and NYFA through more than thirty interviews and in-depth case studies. “
Techniques for planning your career
Innovative fundraising for artists
Marketing and selling your work to new audiences
Networking strategies for a digital world
Budgeting and financial basics made clear
Legal requirements and terminology in plain English
Edited by Peter Cobb, Susan Ball, and Felicity Hogan
Co-published by the New York Foundation for the Arts
Retail Price: $24.95
Call for Proposals, The Geats’ Cup
Location: Tucson, AZ
Deadline: July 1, 2013
The Geats’ Cup gives theatre artists an opportunity to creatively pitch their idea for a chance to win a grant from The Next Theatre at Beowulf Alley.
Click here to learn more.
Flagstaff Dance Intensive
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Deadline: July 1, 2013
Click here to learn more.
Missoula Fringe Festival
The Missoula Fringe Festival invites all artists who wish to participate in this year’s festival to view participant information. To reserve your spot, fill in the application form.
Missoula Fringe Festival 2013 is Missoula’s first annual performance arts festival.  Continuing the Fringe legacy that began in Edinburgh, Scotland in  1947 (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), the Missoula Fringe Festival will celebrate and honor alternative theater in various venues throughout Missoula, August 15 – 17th, 2013.  This year’s Missoula Fringe Festival will be focusing on helping the arts community grow.
The Missoula Fringe Festival is a self-produced, non-juried performing arts festival. It is an avenue for performers to showcase bold, fresh, and original live works that explore the edges of their work and provide audiences the opportunity to experience the outer-limits of performing arts.  The Missoula Fringe Festival does not produce any shows, run any venue or pay any fees to artists.  All applicants are accepted.  Anyone can perform.
Deadline is July 15th, 2013.
Multimedia Submissions and Logo Contest!
Posted on June 17, 2013 by slclumina
            LUMINA has two ground-breaking and exciting announcements today. The first is a call for submissions for our first ever Multimedia Issue, and the second an official logo contest.
            LUMINA is pleased to announce the opening of submissions for our first ever Multimedia Issue!
            We’re looking for unique fiction, poetry, non-fiction, visual art and audio work. All genres are welcome; slam poetry and script-work is encouraged.
            Here’s the twist: Every submission must have an audio as well as a visual component. Some examples are a poem and a reading of that poem, a radio drama with an accompanying transcript, or a painting with a reading of a poem. Ideally, we would like to see a wide variety, so be creative.
            The art and writing will be printed in the physical book and will be twinned with the audio accompaniment on our website. Simply send us an audio file along with the written and artistic work.
Film contest:
2013 Curator and Ruminate Short Film & Video Art Competition
            Ruminate Magazine is pleased to partner with our friends at The Curator in co-hosting a competition for contemporary artists who create work with moving images. We invite submissions in two categories: short film and video/ or alternative time-based media. The winning video and film will be shown at IAM Inhabit, the annual gathering for people interested in beauty, faith, and art, and stills from the winning video and film will be published in Ruminate Magazine. We look forward to reviewing your work!
Poets & Writers magazine
Agents & Editors: Eric Simonoff
by Michael Szczerban
July/August 2013 issue
            When I first entered the offices of Simon & Schuster as an intern seven years ago, I half expected to find rooms heavy with pipe smoke and equipped with decanters of whiskey, their inhabitants ensconced in the quiet seriousness of a library. Instead, I found an ordinary office in midtown Manhattan alive with the ringing of phones, endless photocopying, and assistants scurrying from cubicle to cubicle. An ordinary office, yes—except that it was teeming with books. They were everywhere. They spilled off of shelves and hid in the corners of conference rooms. Boxes of them obstructed hallways. Their jacket art adorned every wall. . .
Items included in our e-Newsletters are not endorsements and readers are encouraged to decide for themselves whether the information is useful to them. 

Artists June 27 2013

‘Principles of Navigation’ author’s creative roots in Montana

June 24, 2013
‘Principles of Navigation’ author’s creative roots in Montana
MOORHEAD, MINN. – New Rivers Press at Minnesota State University Moorhead announces the publication of Principles of Navigation by University of Montana alumnus Peter W. Fong, an author who received his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from UM in 1992 and who received a Fellowship in Creative Writing for fiction with the Montana Arts Council in 1993. Mr. Fong later returned to live and work in Pray, Mont., for a number of years, and was the Moran Artist-in-Residence at Yellowstone National Park in 2004.
Peter W. Fong’s Principles of Navigation Is a glamorous and salty love story set in the Florida Keys. The book’s action is centered on the fictional Coral Key, somewhere between Marathon and Islamorada, and ranges all over South Florida, from Pompano west to Sanibel. In the 1980s, the author worked as the mate on a Marathon charter boat, among other jobs.
Charter captain Rigger Tavernier never imagined he could lose his bearings in the Florida Keys, until Jenna came along. A football star’s bride from a rich family, she seemed to be out of his league. But after that first night with Jenna, Rigger would give everything and more to keep her. First, however, he’ll have to sift through the wreck of his first marriage and the death of an old friend.
For Jenna McDowell, life was supposed to run like clockwork: marry the hunk, settle down, and make babies. She never thought she’d pursue someone like Rigger. But when your husband is shooting blanks, sometimes you take desperate measures. Jenna grew up around the horse track, so she knows a thing or two about stud service. But when the horseplay is over, who should be the child’s father?
In the end, both Rigger and Jenna find their bearings, but not until they learn that the Principles of Navigation are nothing more than the rules of the road—and rules are made to be broken.
Set in Florida and in Europe—among the sport fishing, horse racing, and professional football industries—this novel delivers a glamorous and salty love story.

What folks are saying about this book
“A tense and gripping romance simmering in a South Florida pressure cooker of infertility, infidelity, burned out fishing guides, faded football players, and the unsavory back paddocks of for-profit horse racing.” -James R. Babb, Editor, Gray’s Sporting Journal
“Peter Fong’s novel of trouble in paradise is vivid, deft, and absorbing from the get-go. The bluest water has its sharks, and Fong knows where they lurk.” -Deirdre McNamer, Author, Red Rover, My Russian, One Sweet Quarrel, and Rima in the Weeds

About Peter W. Fong
Peter W. Fong works as a freelance editor and a fly-fishing guide. His stories have appeared in American Fiction, Gray’s Sporting Journal, The New York Times Sophisticated Traveler, and many other publications. He is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Montana. Over the past fifteen years, he and his family have lived in Montana, Vermont, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Aruba. This is his first novel.
Q&A with Peter W. Fong
Q: I understand that this is your first book. How long did it take you to write it?
A: I finished the short story that provided the seed for the novel in 1992, so I guess you could say twenty years, more or less. But the first draft was completed mostly during the three years we lived in Tokyo, when my wife had a rewarding job, our son was in first grade, and our daughter attended a Japanese preschool. That gave me a few hours each day to write.
Q: Did you ever feel like giving up?
A: After an agent spent almost two years trying to sell the manuscript, without success, I did give up, mostly. But not on writing. I started another novel, set in Shanghai, and kept writing short stories and magazine articles while working at other jobs.
Q: Although the story is told in the third person, the narrator’s perspective alternates between Jenna and Rigger from one chapter to the next. Why did you choose that structure?
A: Because both Jenna and Rigger have trouble revealing their true feelings to other people, I thought I had to do it that way. Otherwise, it would’ve been very hard to understand their actions.
Q: Which of the characters is most like you?
A: Hector, I suppose, because he wears glasses, likes to cook, and is tangential to the plot.
Q: Although much of the book takes place in Florida, other settings range from Havana, Cuba, to a handful of European capitals. Have you set foot in all of these places?
A: I lived in Florida for three years during the mid-eighties, but have only visited Europe and have never been to Havana. Cuba is on my list, though.
Q: Many of today’s eBooks bypass the traditional author-publisher relationship. Why didn’t you publish this book yourself?
A: Because I know that I wouldn’t be good at the job. I’m good at putting together a mango salsa while listening to a Red Sox game on the radio, at floating down a river while casting a fly that looks like a mouse to a trout as long as your leg. Neither of these skill sets really translate to self-publishing.
Q: Who do you image starring in the movie?
A: When I was first writing it, in my most pleasant dreams? Michelle Pfeiffer and Sam Shepard. But for release next year? Maybe Kirsten Dunst and Jeff Bridges.
Q: What is unique about your book?
A: It might be the only novel with internal monologues about both shark fishing and ectopic pregnancy.
About New Rivers Press
The mission of New Rivers Press at Minnesota State University Moorhead is to publish and promote enduring contemporary literature and to create academic learning opportunities. New Rivers Press acquires, publishes, and markets high quality, imaginative work from emerging and established writers. We are interested in literary work of every character, but especially in diverse work that’s aesthetically challenging and has a social conscience. Founded in New York in 1968 by C.W. “Bill” Truesdale, the not-for-profit New Rivers Press has now published over 330 books.
About the Electronic Book Series
The New Rivers Press Electronic Book Series is an eBook-only series that includes popular fiction titles with literary value in the genres of Action-adventure, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Western, and Inspirational, and all sub-genres within and across those categories, from new and emerging authors.
More Information
Principles of Navigation is available as an eBook through the online retailer
Review Copies
A review copy of Principles of Navigation is available upon request.

Electronic Book Series Associate Editor
Ryan C. Christiansen
Peter W. Fong
Managing Editor / Co-Director
Suzzanne Kelley
Senior Editor / Co-Director
Alan Davis
New Rivers Press
c/o Minnesota State University Moorhead
1104 7th Ave. S.
Moorhead, MN 56563
New Rivers Press is on Facebook
‘Principles of Navigation’ author’s creative roots in Montana

Transforming Assets Into Opportunities

The Tennessee Arts Commission just recently made recordings of sessions from our statewide conference “Transforming Assets Into Opportunities” available to the public. The conference was a one and a half day forum that brought together artists, arts administrators, arts supporters and community planners to explore how the arts can help fuel community and economic development. Presenters discussed a variety of strategies and tools that can help communities stimulate innovative and creative enterprises, while building vital public spaces, distinctive identities, and thriving social networks. It turned out to be a very informative conference for constituents who attended, and we’re proud to be able to make these recordings available to the broader public.
Transforming Assets Into Opportunities