Social Networking

Mark has another good article up about the value of social networking.

As state employees, we are blocked from accessing most social networking. No MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. (As I think about it… I’m surprised we can access blogger.) The state has valid concerns about bandwidth usage and employee productivity. Our agency is considering an exception request because SO MANY artists and arts organizations are using social networking to share their work and develop innovations. We’ve experimented with streaming our workshops (Thanks Len) and using an additional twitter component to keep things lively. It was, of course, slightly ironic that I couldn’t access it from my office but I can’t complain about the idea of taking my (personal) laptop and heading down to a local coffee shop for a (decaf) latte and some quality training. I haven’t actually done it yet but I could, right?

So how are you using social networking? What future plans do you have? Any excellent examples of people making it work?

Social Networking

2 thoughts on “Social Networking

  1. Why do other state agencies (like the New York State Council on the Arts “NYSCA”) have twitter and facebook accounts????. It is the best way to reach people – especially the younger generations – and also promote Montana and its art community to the rest of the country (not to mention the world as these social networking sites are the doors to global communication).
    I think Montana has so many incredible and brilliant artists. I wish the state had more exposure outside of itself and the Northern Rockies. We need to promote Montana's artists as much as possible.
    So .. . . sorry to ramble, but I am just curious why you say that as Montana state employees you do not have access to these sites which offer the most common and impactful ways to promote, connect and communicate? Why do other states have that opportunity? Montana is isolated as it is so wouldn't our art community benefit from that global connection more than anyone else?!
    Thank you.

  2. The Montana Arts Council has a facebook page! It's still a baby and we are still tentatively feeling our way around to figure out the most productive use of the technology but progress is being made.

    As to the access of state employees to social networking…. as of this writing (July 20, 2011) state employees are still blocked from social networking BUT we have requested an exception and, as an agency, do have access. This brings up all sorts of policy issues for discussion.

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