And we are off to the Museum & Art Gallery Directors Association annual meeting.

This meeting is held at Chico Hot Springs early in October every year.

Why Chico? Besides the great networking while you soak??

It is amazing what great work you can do when you step back and get away from your organization (and your email) for a few days. Last year we (Beck, Kim & I) curled up on some cozy couches with some great coffee and blasted out all of our annual work plan for the strategic plan…. something about the change of scenery and location let us focus on a project I will admit I wasn’t very excited about doing until we got into it.

(And a special tidbit for anyone new this year… there is a great little hike up the hill that ends at a private fishing pond…. since it is private you don’t even need a license if you want to fish… I mean, if you brought a fly rod or something… not that I will be doing that… at least not this year….)

Anyone else find they get some great creative ideas by grabbing a laptop and heading out of the office?